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In addition to having the opportunity to participate in a wide range of exciting environmental programs, every member of the GreenHouse Community should be committed to pursuing a "Green Lifestyle." The elements of the Green Lifestyle are based on an Ecological Code of Values collectively developed and adopted by members of the community:

As a resident of the 2015-2016 GreenHouse Residential Learning Community I will strive to:

  • Practice the 4 Rs, including:
    • Rethink: be creative and fun with eco-friendly alternatives
    • Reduce: only buying what I really need, minimizing use of disposable items (including shopping bags), sharing items with friends and neighbors, etc.
    • Reuse: swapping items with friends and neighbors, saving any “to-go” or food containers you might acquire, buying used, using scrap paper, etc.
    • Recycle: following UVM protocols as noted in recycling areas and not contaminating recycling bins with trash and vice versa.
  • cooking over a fire
  • Practice water and energy conservation and efficiency, such as:
    • Mindful water consumption (running water, full loads of laundry, shorter showers, etc.)
    • Mindful energy efficiency (using natural light, using efficient appliances, etc.)
    • Mindful energy conservation (air-drying clothes, turning off unneeded appliances, turning off lights, etc.)
  • Be aware of food choices, such as:
    • Eating in dining halls that use real plates and/or ecoware vs. takeout containers
    • Using refillable mugs and water bottles and reusable utensils ~ cloth napkins
    • Not wasting food ~ composting whatever is not eaten
    • Purchasing locally grown foods when off-campus and participating in our CSA program
  • Be mindful of transportation choices such as:
    • Riding/walking when possible
    • Using public transportation (campus shuttle bus, free local buses, etc.)
    • Carpooling and using ride share board
  • Educate others  (family, friends, neighbors, etc.) about these issues: be willing to learn with an open mind
  • Take Initiative: Start or take part in any projects that in some way or another practice the values above.

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