University of Vermont

Global Health and Humanitarian Opportunity Program

Program Description


To provide an organizational forum and facilitate multidisciplinary integration of individuals and groups that will design, develop, and implement innovative, sustainable solutions to global health and humanitarian challenges in resource-poor countries. 

To support the creation of sustainable, community based healthcare systems that build local healthcare capacity, improve health outcomes, utilize evidenced based medicine, reduce the global burden of disease, and decrease Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) in resource-poor countries.

To support projects that build economic sustainability in resource poor countries through local teaching and training.The goal of this program is to provide an organizational forum to facilitate multidisciplinary integration of individuals and groups in order to cultivate, test and implement innovative sustainable solutions to global health and humanitarian challenges.

Mission Statement

To identify, research, and develop innovative and sustainable solutions to critical global health and humanitarian challenges that directly affect children and their families.

Program Structure

This program is designed to create and support ventures with diverse funding opportunities by operating through a public-private, multidisciplinary “incubator” based structure that promotes diverse, interdisciplinary interactions and partnerships between individuals and groups from the university, public, and corporate sectors.


Participation in this program is open to all individuals and groups that have an interest in working on identified projects or developing new ventures that are in line with the program’s mission. Although we expect to have participation from healthcare professionals and healthcare groups, the program also welcomes participation from individuals and groups associated with the social sciences, the physical sciences, and the humanities.

Program Project Advisory Committee

A Program Project Advisory Committee is being established to provide assessment, advice and support for the development of new interdisciplinary program projects.

Current Members:

  • Barry Finette M.D., Ph.D., DTM&H, IDHA
            Department of Pediatrics, University of Vermont
  • Beth Kirkpatrick M.D., Director Vaccine Testing Center
            Department of Medicine, University of Vermont
  • Tobey Clark M.S., Director Instrumentation Modeling Facility
            University of Vermont
  • William Cats-Baril Ph.D., Director Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program
            School of Buisness Administration, University of Vermont             

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