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Geospatial Technologies at UVM

GST Courses maps

GST Courses at UVM

Geospatial Technologies class

Courses which introduce Geospatial Technologies

CE10 Geomatics
NR 25 Measurement and Mapping of Natural Resources
GEOG 81 Geotechniques
ENSC 130 Global Environmental Assessment

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Courses

Introductory GIS courses
    NR 143 (Fall semester)
    NR 143 (Spring semester)
    GEOG 184
    NR 343

Advanced Courses in GIS and Spatial Analysis
    NR 243 GIS Practicum (every Spring)
    NR 245 Integrating GIS and Statistics
    GEOG 204 Spatial Analysis
    GEOG 281 Advanced GIS Applications
    NR 242 Advanced Techniques in Geospatial Science

Remote Sensing Courses

FOR 146/NR 146 Remote Sensing of Natural Resources (Fall, even years)
GEOG 185 Remote Sensing
GEOG 281 Satelitte Climatology/Land Surface Applications
NR 346 Digital Image Processing

Related Courses

CS 14 Visual Basic Programming
CS 16 MATLAB Programming
CDAE 101 Computer Aided Drafting and Design
CE 395 Artificial Neural Networks
CE 369 Applied Geostatistics

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