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in Geomorphology is a new style of textbook - community vetted, focused on core concepts, and with all new figures designed to enhance learning. Iceland, Heimey.

Textbook - Key Concepts in Geomorphology

We have created a new, different, and up-to-date textbook for Geomorphology. Bierman and Montgomery, Key Concepts in Geomorphology, has been extensively vetted by the community, includes all new, pedagogically-focused art work, and is linked to freely accessible collections of community-authored electronic resources and photographs. Community vetting, resource creation, and impact assessment are supported by the National Science Foundation. You can order the book or for faculty who are teaching geomorphology, request a desk copy for evaluation by clicking here. An e-book is available too, on Coursesmart. Click here to order your e-copy.

NEWS FLASH (October 2017)- We are revising Key Concepts - give us your feedback (corrections, suggestions, additions) at:

  • description of image There are 14 chapters in Key Concepts in Geomorphology. The final chapter list resulted from the work of 10 geomorphologists meeting at NSF in April 2008 and input from 60 geomorphologists at the Cutting Edge, Teaching Geomorphology workshop in July 2008.
  • description of image A poster presented at 2013 NE GSA describes how we created Key Concepts in Geomorphology. You can download a 17MB PDF file of the poster by clicking here.
  • description of imageVignettes are electronic supplements - short, illustrated descriptions and place-based examples that allow instructors to customize their class' approach to learning. The first 27 were created by participants at the Cutting Edge, Teaching Geomorphology workshop in July 2008.
  • description of image Find an image for teaching Geomorphology from the collection of images we have assembled with NSF support. You can contribute your favorite Geomorphology images to this new archive.
  • description of imageSubmitting a Vignette is a great way to contribute to this community resource and to share what you know from your own geomorphic research. Vignettes are peer-reviewed and hosted by Carleton College's Science Education Resource Center.
  • description of image The National Science Foundation's Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement program is funding community involvement in this project. You can download our proposal.
  • description of image Review workshops during which experts contributed electronic resources to Key Concepts in Geomorphology. See the schedule of workshops at GSA, EGU, AGU, and AAG.
  • description of image W. H. Freeman (now Macmillan) is publishing the new textbook in full color. They have dedicated significant resources to the art and photography program.You can order the book or request a desk copy for evaluation by clicking here.

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