University of Vermont

Geomorphology 2018


1. Templates and information

Soil Pit template download .pptx file

Lab 2, Soils download .docx file

Example lab write up - Soils download .pdf file

PAUL's Calculating spreadsheet for slope stability download .xlsx file

PAUL's "cheat sheet" or the math behind slope stability download .pdf file

Crandell and Mullineaux, Potential hazards from future eruptions of Mount St. Helens Volcano, Washington, 1978, USGS Bulletin: 1383-C download as PDF

Map of 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruptive deposits download as .png

2. Shared lab data

Terrace soil XRF analyses download as PDF

Terrace soil pit logs compiled download as .pptx

Field infiltration data 2018 download .xlsx file

Delehanty gully landslide field data download as .xlsx

East Woods geochem data download .docx file

Source to sink ICP geochemical data (stream water) download .xlsx file

Source to sink location file (kmz) download .kmz file

Source to sink location file (kml) download .kml file

Source to sink assignment file (.pdf) download .pdf file

Source to sink assignment Google Map of site #1 (link) click to load

The Wasatch Fault, Utah Geological Survey Public Information Series 40 1996 download as PDF

Neotectonics concept sketch template download .pptx file

3. Mid term and final concept sketches

Mid-term concept sketch instructions download as PDF

Concept sketch templates (download the right one for your group as a .pptx file)
Mt. Rainier area
Mt. Baker area

Concept sketch teams Click here to download pdf file

Mid-term concept sketch evaluation rubric download as .xls