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is about how Earth's surface works: mass fluxes, force balances, and tools relevant to solving environmental problems. Photo of Greenland, a mysterious landscape.

Geomorphology 2018

It's about Earth's surface

Landscapes surround us all and often seem to be static, unchanging backdrops for our day-to-day activities. Yet, if we begin to look closely, landscapes are anything but static features; they are continually evolving at a variety of time and length scales.

  • description of image The class plan and syllabus lays out what we will do this semester and when we will do it. Click here to download the syllabus.
  • description of imageMost readings for the semester are from a new textbook that differs from most textbooks in that it focusses on key concepts, is all color, and newly illustrated. Click here to download supplementary readings. Click here to learn more about the book.
  • description of imageWe work frequently in the field. Click here to see photographs of the class in the field.
  • description of imageConcept Sketching is a very import part of this class. Click here to see a list of hints to improve your sketches.
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