Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont: 2012

Perkins Geology Museum at UVM

Perkins Museum

A permanent display of the 2012 Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont is on display in the Museum; it is a continuum to the current exhibit of the first Geologic Map of Vermont in 1861 by state geologist Edward Hitchcock, the 1961 centennial version by state geologist and UVM Professor Charles G. Doll, and the history of the VT State Bed Rock Maps.

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is open M-F, 9-4; admission is free. To schedule a Perkins Museum visit for large groups, contact . Also free, see the Digital Archive, open 24/7 online.

Geology Department


UVM faculty at the unveiling of VT State Bed Rock Map. 4/11/12 University of Vermont, Department of Geology participates in creating and the unveiling of the updated Vermont State Bedrock Map. Current and emeriti, faculty members and UVM Geology alumni contributed to the project decades in the making. The reference list on the new map includes 66 UVM Geology alumni. Also, the State Geologist (Laurence Becker - alum) and 8 out of 12 authors and contributors are either current UVM professors, adjunct, or alumni (Rolfe Stanley, post-humous, Professor, Marjorie Gale - alum, Peter Thompson - alum, Gregory Walsh - alum, Barry Doolan - retired, Jon Kim - adjunct, Charlotte Mehrtens - UVM Professor, Gregory McHone - alum).

Photo caption: Back Row, L to R: Greg Walsh USGS, Barry Doolan UVM Emeritus, Char Mehrtens UVM. Front Row, L to R: Keith Klepeis UVM, Gabriela Mora-Klepeis UVM, Andrea Lini UVM Geology Department Chair, Marjorie Gale, VGS

UVM Geology Department members attend the April 11, 2012 Vermont Geological Survey unveiling of the Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont at the Vermont State House, Montpelier.

Why make a bed rock map of Vermont?

Geology and You at UVM

See UVM Geology courses such as: Geology 001 Earth System Sciences, Environmental Geology 055, 101 Field Geology, 217 Vermont Field Geology, 231 Petrology, 260 Structural Geology if you are interested in geologic studies.