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Chair's Message

Andrea Lini Greetings from the Chair's office in Delehanty Hall. I am glad to announce that I have now survived two years as the new department Chair. As always it has been a busy and productive year in the department. Details are in this newsletter and the faculty sections. We are very proud to announce the new VT State Bedrock map was unveiled after 30 years of hard work by many professional geologists and students . . . Read Chair's Message.

Visit the Department website too.

Faculty Research & News Updates

Andrea Lini: Sediment cores collected span 9,000 years of Lake Champlain’s history and have allowed us to extend our study of the processes that have affected the lake’s . . . read more

Char Mehrtens: is working on a comparison between the newly identified Altona Formation in upstate NY and our local Monkton. read more

John Hughes: was elected President of the Mineralogical Society of America, one of the oldest international scientific societies. read more

Also, he is Mineral man.

Keith Klepeis: With the new State geology map, running field trips, and all the student interest in doing field geology, it’s been a great year for geological research in Vermont. read more

Laura Webb: took delivery of the Nu Noblesse noble gas mass spectrometer. read more

Paul Bierman: . . . asks, how fast will Greenland melt in a warming world? Ice Sheets, Isotopes & Musk-Ox Pizza, a polar scientist's tour of Greenland (Vermont Quarterly) read more

Stephen Wright: while on sabbatical this fall, is working in the Killington area trying to better understand ice flow patterns across this part of the Green Mountains. read more

Kasey Kathan: Lecturer, teaches Geology 055 Environmental Geology and Geology 001 Earth System Science while Stephen Wright is on sabbatical. Welcome Kasey!


Faculty Spotlight: Andrew Scroth

We welcome our newest faculty member . . .

Hello! I am a low temperature geochemist with interdisciplinary research interests spanning the crossroads of geology, chemistry, biology and hydrology. My research has focused on understanding the evolution of biogeochemical systems in New England, New York, Montana, and Alaska in the broad context of environmental change. The overarching aim of my research is to describe geochemical processes occurring at the earth’s surface with a general focus on nutrient and pollutant mobility and cycling on present day to glacial/interglacial time scales. Specifically, my goal is to understand how biogeochemical systems are affected by global or regional environmental change such as acid and metal pollution, deglaciation, shifting tree species distribution, evolving atmospheric composition, land use modification and changes in climate patterns. Since joining the faculty at UVM in July of 2012, I have become involved in a large interdisciplinary research project funded by NSF EPSCoR that aims to understand nutrient and algal bloom dynamics within the Lake Champlain Basin in the context of climate change and related adaptive management. Read more

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