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Geology three-year projected course plan

The below projected course plan is provided to help our students plan ahead for their academic needs. Some of these courses are cross-listed with Geology and other courses will meet the “approved ancillary science or mathematics” requirement for the B.A. and B.S. degrees.

Fall 2013
Geology 001 & 002
Intro: Stephen Wright
Geology 005
ISEE: Lk Geo Lake Chmpl Bsn: Andrea Lini
Geology 008
The Dynamic Earth: John Hughes
Geology 055
Environmental Geology: Stephen Wright
Geology 095
TAP: Fossils Fuels and Climate: Char Mehrtens
Geology 101
Field Geology: Keith Klepeis
Geology 151
Geomorphology: Paul Bierman
Geology 153
Stratigraphy and Sedimentology: Char Mehrtens
Geology 195
Field Geophysics: Laura Webb
Geology 235
Geochemistry of natural waters : New Faculty
Geology 291
Seminar in Geology: John Hughes
Geology 295
X-Ray Diffractometry : John Hughes
Geology 361:
Advanced Structure Geology: Keith Klepeis
Geology 371
Crit Writ Earth & Enviro Sci: Paul Bierman
Geology 384
Teaching in the Geosciences: Char Mehrtens



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