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Graduate Student Research and Theses

University of Vermont (1960-Present)

Lauren Chrapowitzky

Lauren Chrapowitzky - In progress: Sedimentology, paleoenvironments and paleoecology of the Valcour Formation (Middle Ordovician Chazy Group), Vermont and New York

Charles Trodick

Charles Trodick - In progress: Historical Sediment Transport on the Potomac River

Eric Portenga

Eric Portenga - In progress: Bedrock erosion rates in the Appalachian Mountains 

Lee Corbett

Lee Corbett - In progress: Detrital Cosmochronology of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Joseph Graly

Joseph Graly - In progress: Ice sheet modelling and paleoclimate of Greenland

Janelle McAtamney

Janelle McAtamney - In progress: Structural evolution and basin analysis of the Magallanes Basin, Southern Patagonia, Chile


Will Hackett - Modeling of the hydrologic impacts of highway construction and climate change in Vermont

Lydia Smith - Organic phosphorus cycling, mobility, and bioavailability for cyanobacteria in sediments of Missisquoi Bay, Lake Champlain. Read Lydia's thesis


Paul Betka - Evolution and tectonic significance of ductile deformation in the middle and lower crust during contraction and extension in Cordilleran-style orogens Read Paul's thesis

Jane Duxbury - The determination of millenial scale erosion rates using cosmogenic analysis of 10Be in the Shenandoah National Park Read Jane's thesis

Matt Jungers -  Using 10-Be to determine sediment production and transport rates on steep hillslopes in varied tectonic and climatic settings Read Matt's thesis

Julie Rumrill -  Using GPS to assess the spatial and temporal variation of seasonal velocity changes on the Greenland ice sheet, near Swiss Camp Greenland Read Julie's thesis


Corey Coutu - Using the fossil record as a vehicle for teaching evolution: A web based teaching module. Read Corey's thesis progress report (.pdf)

Amanda Getsinger - Coupling physical and chemical studies to assess TTG petrogenesis. Read Amanda's thesis (.pdf)

Harry Oduro - The formation, oxidation, and characterization of FeS(aq) molecular clusters - decoupling iron sulfide mineral surface dissolution and oxidation reactions

Colleen Sullivan - In progress: Cosmogenic 10Be erosion history of the Blue Ridge Escarpment - A long-lived feature of the southern Appalachians


Heather Burgess - Trophic status of Lake Champlain over 400 years of changing land use: a paleolimnological study Read Heather's thesis (.pdf)

Bethany Zinni - Effects of Ski-area Development on Hydrology and Water Quality at Mt. Mansfield

Phoebe Judge - Strain localization in the upper crust and stress field evolution adjacent to the Alpine fault in northern Fiordland, New Zealand Read Phoebe's thesis (.pdf)

Daniel King - Shear zone processes in the mid to lower crust and the structural evolution of central Fiordland, New Zealand. Read Daniel's thesis (.pdf) and view Daniels's map (.pdf)

Gregory Lorenson -Application of in situ Au-amalgam microelectrodes in Yellowstone National Park to guide microbial sampling. Read Gregory's thesis (.pdf)


Joanna Reuter - Erosion Rates and Patterns Inferred From Cosmogenic 10Be In The Susquehanna River Basin


Eric Butler - Masters of Arts in Teaching - Geoscience education and interpretation based on human interactions with the natural landscape

Rena Ford - Partial Melting under Reducing Conditions: Clues to Primitive Achondrite Formation

Stephen B. Marcotte - Early Cretaceous Orogenesis in Fiordland,New Zealand and Three-Dimensional Visualization of the Earth's Surface. Read Stephen's thesis (.pdf)

Robert Price - Testing the Partial Melting of a Basaltic Underplate: Origin of Cretaceous Granitoids in Fiordland, New Zealand

Lucas Reusser - Late Pleistocene Bedrock Channel Incision Along The U.S. Atlantic Passive Margin Measured with 10-Be: Holtwood Gorge, Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania


Andrea Lord - Evolution Rates of Post Glacial Lake Ecosystems in Northern New England: A Geochemical Study Using Lake Sediments

Adam Parris - Holocene Paleohydrology in the Northeastern United States: A High Resolution Record of Storms and Floods

Corey W. Simonson - Structural and Kinematic Evolution of the Middle Crust During Late Cretaceous Extension in Western New Zealand. Read Corey's thesis (.pdf)


Antignano, Angelo - Experimental Constraints on Granitoid Compositions in Convergent Regimes: A Geochemical Study

Claypool, Alexander - Kinematic Evolution and Exhumation of Early Cretaceous Lower Crustal Granulites During Changes in Plate Boundary Conditions, Fiordland, New Zealand. Read Alexander's thesis (.pdf)


Galster, Joshua - Quantifying the Response of Lake Ecosystems to Holocene Deglaciation through the Use of Stable Isotopes

Howse, Rachael - Evidence of Anthropogenic Disturbance and Trophic Change in Recent Lake Sediments: Vermont, USA

Jennings, Karen - Using Alluvial Fan Deposits to Determine the Timing of Ancient Storms in Vermont

Lamon, Thomas C. - Tectonic Wedging in the Northern Vermont Appalachians: An Emplacement Model for the Albitic Core Rocks of the Green Mountain Anticlinorium

Noren, Anders - A 13,000-year Regional Record of Holocene Storms in the Northeastern United States


Hengstenberg, Carey - The Geochemistry and the Emplacement History of the Averill Pluton, Northeast Kingdom, Vermont

Holyoke III, Caleb - An Experimental Study of Melt Migration Mechanisms in Two Common Crustal Rock Types

Mallard, Laura - Stratigraphic, Structural, and Fault History Analyses of the Richmond 7.5’ Quadrangle, Northcentral Vermont


Brown, Adam - Phosphorus storage and transport in stream sediments from two reaches of the LaPlatte River over an annual cycle

Brown, Sarah - Geomorphic, Sedimentologic, and Climatic implications of inorganic horizons in Ritterbush Pond, Vermont

Gran, Sara - Cosmogenic Isotopes & Paleoseismology in Israel

Nichols, Kyle - Cosmogenic Isotopes and Sediment Transport in the Mojave Desert


Frederick, Jeffery - A Structural and Kinematic Analysis of the Carrizo Mountain Group of the Northern Carrizo Mountains, Van Horn Texas

Whalen, Timothy - Post-glacial fluvial terrace remnants as recorders of environmental and base level changes and of glacio-isostatic rebound in the Winooski drainage basin, Vermont


Abbott, Michael - Isotopic characterization of groundwater recharge and flow in an upland bedrock aquifer, Vermont

Astley, Beth N. - Holocene lake-level change in Lake Champlain

Church, Amy - Fan deposits in northwestern Vermont: Depositional activity and aggradation rates over the last 9,500 years

Marsella, Kim - Timing and the Extent of Glaciation in the Pangnirtung Fjord Region, Baffin Island: Determined by using in-situ produced cosmogenic 10^Be and 26^Al

Richardson, Alexis - Lithology, Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Standing Pond Volcanics in Northeastern Vermont

Schoonmaker, Adam - Stratigraphy and Structure of the Enosburg Falls Area: Implications for extending geotectonic structures of Quebec into Vermont


Cherichetti, Lars - Internal stratigraphy of the Pinnacle Formation in Northern Vermont as a means for determining Iapean rift environment

Goldberg, Jonathan - The Middle Cambrian, Lower Monkton Quartzite, provenance and depositional history

Li, Lin - Quaternary Environmental Changes inferred from Pollen Analyses in Ponds, Green Mountains, Vermont


Clapp, Erik - The Storage and Transport of Phosphorus and Fecal Coliform Bacteria in the Channel Sediments of Englesby Brook

Larsen, Patrick - In-situ production rates of 10Be and 26Al from the terminal moraine of the Laurentide ice sheet, north-central New Jersey

Schuck, Russell - An Historical Record of Arsenic Contamination in the Sediments of Arrowhead Mountain Lake, Milton, Vermont


Malinowski, Kent - Application of Rift Models as Applied to the Cambrian-Proterozoic Z Rift-Drift Stratigraphy of the Quebec Reentrant

Martin, Delbert - Geology of the Mississquoi Group and the Acadian Orogeny in central Vermont

Schlegel, Mary Ann - A paleoenvironmental study of the southern Champlain Sea


Armstrong, T.R. - Tectonic Evolution of the Taconian Hinterland, Granville Hancock area, central Vermont

Bechtel, Stephen C. - Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Cement Diagenesis of the Black River Group in the Champlain Basin, Vermont

Delclos III, Lawrence - Lithologic, Petrologic and Chemical characteristics as Discriminators in the Correlation of Oligocene Tuffs in the East and West Tintic Mtns., North-central Utah

Hildreth, Stephen C., Jr. - Fluid inclusion and sulfur isotope studies of sulfide-bearing fissure veins, East Tintic Mts., Utah

Rose, Hugh - Stratigraphy, characterization of metavolcanic rocks, and structural evolution, in a cross section through the taconide zone, internal domain, eastern townships, southern Quebec: regional implications

Thibodeau, Peter - The evolution and distribution of natural gas in Lake Champlain sediments


Gurney, Steven - Trace metals in Fluvial Sediment Affected by the Hartford, Vermont, Landfill

Howe, Jeffrey - Fluid inclusion characteristics of associated quartz and fluorite veins in a climax-type porphyry molybdenum system, Mt. Emmons, Gunnison County, Colorado


Balogh, Adam - Lead-Zinc Sulfides in the Dunham Dolomite, Northwestern Vermont: Implications for Models of Mississippi Valley-type Deposits

Hawley-Hadley, Ann - Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Rugg Brook Formation of northwestern Vermont

Kimball, Christine - Tectonic geology of the Rochester-Hancock area, Rochester Quadrangle, central Vermont

Zuegg, Paolo - Near surface trace metal diagenesis in Sediments from Shelburne Bay and Cumberland Bay, Lake Champlain


Colpron, Maurice - Rift and collision tectonics of the eastern townships Humber Zone, Brome Lake area, Quebec

Hyde, Karen - Internal cycling of phosphorus in Malletts Bay, Lake Champlain

Macbeth, Alexander - Geology of the southwestern East Tintic Mountains, central Utah

Warren, Marian - Rift History and Subsequent Collisional Behavior of the North American Iapetus Margin, Lincoln Massif, central Vermont: An Open and Shut Case


Carr, Michael - Secular variation in the geomagnetic field recorded in lake sediments, Lake Champlain, New York and Vermont

Cua, Athene - Geology and Geochemistry of Metabasaltic Rocks from the Roxbury Area, Central Vermont

Gutscher, Marc-Andre - Paleomagnetism of Oligocene volcanics in the East Tintic Mts, Utah

Kraus, Jerome F. - Geology of the Northfield Mtns., central Vermont

Mock, Timothy - Stratigraphic, Structural and Metamorphic evolution of the Richford-Cambridge Syncline, northern Vermont

Walsh, Gregory - Tectonic geology of the Fayston-Waitsfield area, central Vermont


Dowling, William - Depositional Environment of the Lower Oak Hill Group, Southern Quebec: Implications for the Late Precambrian Breakup of N. America in the Quebec Reentrant

Haydock, Samuel - Bedrock Geology of the Mt. Ellen-Waitsfield area

Whittemore, Arthur - Commingling of Magmas in the Belknap Mtns. Complex, central New Hampshire


Butler, Robert - Sedimentology of the Danby Formation,Vermont

Dello Russo, Vincent - Geology of the Eastern part of the Lincoln Massif, central Vermont

Lapp, Eric - Detailed Bedrock Geology of the Mt. Grant-South Lincoln Area, central Vermont

MacLean, David A. - Depositional Environments and Stratigraphic Relationships of the Glens Falls Limestone, Champlain Valley, Vermont and New York

O’Loughlin, Sharon - Bedrock Geology of the Mount Abraham-Lincoln Gap Area, central Vermont

Parker, Ron - Lithofacies, Paleoenvironments and Tectonic History of the Deschambault Limestone, Southeastern Quebec


Fowler, Bruce A. - Flux Characteristics of Phosphorus Rich Sediments from St. Albans Bay, Lake Champlain

Johnson, Gregory D. - The Effects of Stevens Brook Wetland on Nutrient Loading to St. Albans Bay

Leonard, Katherine E. - Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt Deformation Chronology, Ordovician Limestone and Shale, Northwestern Vermont

Pyke, Annie - The geology of the Hampshire Hills, northeastern New Hampshire and Western Maine

Strehle, Barbara - Deformation mechanisms and structural evolution of fault zone fabrics in northern Vermont: A comparative study


Rathburn, Tony - A paleoecological study of late-Pleistocene ostracodes from the southern Champlain Sea

Teetsel, Mike - Sedimentology of the Taconic Foreland Basin Shales in north-western Vermont

Ackerly, Spafford - Phosphorus Relations in St.Albans Bay


Brother, Michael R. - Surficial Geology and Late Pleistocene Glacial History of the Elizabethtown, New York Region


DiPietro, Joseph - Contact Relations in the Late Precambrian Pinnacle and Underhill Formations, Starksboro, Vermont

Jamallo, Joseph M. - Delineation of Bedrock Fracture Trace Zones by Remote Sensing and Magnetics and their Hydrogeologic Implications

Martin, Linda - Tectonic Stratigraphy: The Nature of the Bonsecours-Sweetsburg Contact North of Lac Trousers near Eastman, Quebec

Myrow, Paul M. - A Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Cheshire Formation, west central Vermont


Bataller, Sue - Felsic Igneous Rocks of the Serpentinite Belt of Southern Quebec

Gregory, Guy - Depositional environments, Lower Cambrian Dunham Dolomite,north-western Vermont

Ladue, Winslow - The glacial history and environmental geology of Jericho, Vermont

Roy, Dana - The structure and stratigraphy of the ultramafic belt, Troy, Vermont, and its significance in northern New England

Smith, Gerard J. - Bedrock Geology Within the Baie Verte-Brompton Zone, Eastman Quebec

Tauvers, Peter - Basement-Cover Relationships in the Lincoln Area, Vermont


Butts, Charles - Relationships among selected hydrologic and geochemical parameters of the Browns River in northwestern Vermont

Hoar, Robert - The bedrock geology of the Coventry area, Vermont

Winner, Phil - Petrology of Chagnon Mountain, Quebec, with implications to selected ultramafic, Gabbroic, and Volcanic Rocks Near North Troy, Vermont


Beblowski, Peter L. - The deglaciation of the Belvidere-Eden area of north central Vermont

Gale, Majorie Hollis - Geology of the Belvidere Mt Complex, Eden and Lowell, Vermont

Gale, Peter - Geology of the Newport Center area northern Vermont

Haworth, Leah Ann - Recent sediment dating and sedimentation rates in Malletts Bay, Vermont

LeClair, Lisa D. - Seismic reflection investigation of bedrock faults in central Lake Champlain


Carter, Craig - Interpretation of the Hinesburg thrust, north of the Lamoille River, northwestern Vermont

Heindel, Craig - Glacial geology, hydrogeology, and road salt effects on groundwater in the Williston area, Vermont

Schwarm, Thomas - Analysis of till fabric in north-western Vermont

Steffe, David D. - The chemistry of calcic and subcalcic amphiboles from selected igneous and metamorphic environments

Stoner, D.W. - The Hydraulic Properties of the Cabot Soil


Becker, L.R. - A survey of a sandy beach and bay, Appletree Bay, Lake Champlain, Vermont

McIntosh, Mary - Impervious Surfaces and Their Effects on Runoff


Acomb, T.J. - Watershed analysis: The Mendon Brook Basin, Mendon, Vermont

Aubrey, W.M., III - The structure and stratigraphy of the northern ridges of Camels Hump Mtn., Camels Hump Quadrangle, north-central Vermont

Badger, R.L. - Stratigraphy and origin of the Umbrella Hill Conglomerate

Bottner, Roger - Wallrock alteration associated with the Mesozoic Pyrrhotite Mineralization at Cuttingsville, Vermont

Detenbeck, J.C. - Stress and strain analysis of dolomite and quartz lamellae, Colchester Pond west central Vermont

Knapp, D.A. - Structure and stratigraphy of the Lower Paleozoic section along the east limb of the Berkshire Massif, southwestern Massachusetts

Slavin, E.J. - Process and mechanism of stream bank failures along Brown’s River, Vermont

Turner, P.J. - Seismic reflection survey in Lake Champlain


Eiben, D.B. - Stratigraphy and structure of the Stimson Mountain area, Camels Hump Quadrangle, north central Vermont

Pieratti, D.D. - The origin and tectonic significance of the Tibbet Hill metavolcanics, northwestern Vermont

Corneille, Edwin S. - Bostonite and Lamprophyre Dikes from the Champlain Valley, Vermont


Gillespie, R.P. - Structure and stratigraphy along the Hinesburg thrust, Hinesburg, Vermont

Kolar, Brian W. - Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Selected Metabasites in West-Central Vermont

Marcotte, Ronald A. - A Paleostress Analysis of a Major Fold in the Southern Part of the Hinesburg Synclinorium

McHone, James G. - Petrochemistry and Genesis of Champlain Valley Dike Rocks

Noyes, Jeffrey - An Evaluation of Hydraulic Conductivity Tests and Data

Setright, Lynn M. - Trace Element Distributions in Cumberland Bay Sediments

Thompson, Peter J. - Stratigraphy and Structure of Shattuck Ridge, Bakersfield and Waterville, Vermont

Thompson, Roger - Landfill Influenced Degradation of Stream Water


Dean, Steven, L. - Water Resources Investigation for Madaket Natucket Island, Massachusetts

Moore, John S. - The Origin and Geolimnology of Joes Pond, Vermont


April, Richard H. - Trace Element Distributions in the Sediments of Lake Champlain

Malter, John A. - Potential Problems of Oil Pollution on Lake Champlain

Mullen, John C. - Environmental Geology of Milton, Westford, and Underhill, Vermont


Caldwell, Katherine G. - Petrographic and Chemical Analysis of Rocks from the Newton Area, Connecticut

Chase, Jack S. - Operation Up-Sails: Sub-Bottom Profiling in Lake Champlain

Sherman, John W. - Post-Pleistocene Diatom Stratigraphy in Cores from Lake Champlain, Vermont


Arndt, Richard E. - Mineralogy and Petrology of a Diabase Dyke and Adjacent Sokoman Iron Formation, Howells River Area, Labrador

Closs, Lloyd G. - Geology of the Waite Lake Mines Property, Duprat Township, Quebec

Stone, Byron D. - Deglaciation Events in Part of the Manchester South 7.5’ Quadrangle, South-central New Hampshire

Thompson, Woodrow B. - The Drainage and Glacial History of the Still River Valley, Southwestern Connecticut

Waite, Burt A. - Environmental Geology of the Huntington Valley, Vermont


Dinger, James S. - Stratigraphic, Structural, and Petrofabric Investigations of Lake Ice, Lake Champlain, Vermont

Fillon, Richard H. - Sedimentation and Recent Geologic History of the Missisquoi Delta

Johnson, Philip H. - The Surficial Geology and Pleistocene History of the Milton Quadrangle, Vermont

Sarkisian, Arthur C. - A Petrofabric Analysis of the Monkton Quartzite in West-Central Vermont

Thresher, John E., Jr. - Bedrock Geology in the Richmond Area, Vermont

Townsend, Peter H. - A Study of Heavy Mineral Dispersal from the Ausable and Lamoille Rivers (Lake Champlain)


Englund, Evan J. - Experimental Studies of the Origin and Thermal Metamorphism of Chondrules in Chondritic Meteorites

Johnson, David G. - Ferromanganese Concretions in Lake Champlain

Kasvinsky, J. Robert - Evaluation of Erosion Control Measures on the Lower Winooski River, Vermont


Blakeman, William B. - A Study of the Mineralogic and Magnetic Characteristics of Metamorphosed Iron Formation from the Julian Deposit, Wabush Lake Area, Labrador

Clement, Richard F., Jr. - A Study of the Sediment Size Distribution of Mallets Bay

Jenks, Maurice L. III - Bedrock Geology and Garnet Analysis of the Northwestern Portion of the Woronoco Quadrangle, Massachusetts

Kodl, Edward J. - Surficial Geology of the Amsterdam Region Lower Mohawk Valley, New York

Millett, John A. - The Clay Mineralogy of the Bottom Sediments of Champlain Basin from Thompson’s Point Vermont to the Ausable River, New York


Clement, Richard F. - A Study of the Sediment Size Distribution of Malletts Bay


Dimon, James R. - Petrography of the Laccolith at Barber Hill, Vermont


Cline, Lawrence B. - The Origin of Talc at Johnson, Vermont, and the Geology of its Occurrence

Ogden, Duncan G. - Geology and Origin of the Kaolin at East Monkton, Vermont

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