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Non-Geology Course Options

Because of the broad nature of the science of geology, courses in other departments may appeal to a geology major. As always, when planning your course load, check in with your advisor to confirm that your requirements are being met. To see how the courses below might fit into your course of study, visit the Suggested Courses of Study for Geology Majors.

Below are the course numbers and titles for courses offered outside of geology that are commonly taken by geology majors.  Be aware that most of the courses listed below have prerequisites and some courses may not be offered every semester.

BCOR 102:
Ecology and Evolution
BIOL 264:
Community Ecology
CE 011:
MATLAB for Solving Engineering Problems
CE 161:
CE 260:
CE 265:
Groundwater Hydrology
CHEM 162:
Physical Chemistry
GEOG 142/NR 102:
Geography of water
GEOG 182/NR 143:
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GEOG 143:
GEOG 184:
Geographic Information: Concepts & Applications
GEOG 185:
Remote Sensing
GEOG 246:
Geomorphology & Ecology of Mountain Landscapes
GEOG 246:
Climate and Water
GEOG 281:
GIS Remote Sensing 
MATH 121:
Calculus III 
MATH 124:
Linear Algebra
NR 176:
Water Quality Analysis
NR 250/251:
Limnology (with lab)
NR 278:
Principles of Aquatic Systems
NR 279:
Watershed Management Hydrology
NR 343:
Fundamentals of GIS
PSS 161:
Fundamentals of Plant and Soil Science  FALL
STATS 141:
Basic Statistical Methods
STATS 211:
Statistical Methods I

Note: one course under the 200 level may be taken for graduate credit with the permission of your advisor.

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