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You may also review the requirements for geography's minor in the official UVM Catalogue.

Minor in Geography

Geography Minor Requirements*

The Geography minor consists of 6 courses (18 hours) which must include:

  • 2 courses from 040, 050, 070, or 081
  • 3 geography courses (9 credits total) at the 100-level or above
  • 3 geography credits (one course) at any level

Geography 191, 197, 197, 297, and 298 are excluded courses for minors.

* These requirements are effective beginning Fall 2008. Students who declared their geography major or minor prior to Fall 2008 can review their requirements by viewing their CATS (Curriculum Audit Tracking) report, the UVMCatalogue in effect the year they declared their geography major/minor, or by contacting the Geography Department Office.

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