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"BA with Honors" Recognition

Geography Department Honors

The Geography Department acknowledges excellent performance in Geography by granting deserving students a BA in Geography, with Honors. Senior students seeking Honors recognition are required to submit a portfolio of work. A committee of Geography faculty members reviews the portfolio and determines if the work is worthy of our honors designation.


  • Student must be a Geography major or double major
  • Student must have a Geography GPA of at least 3.5 and a University GPA of at least 3.25
  • Student must be a senior

The student must submit:

A Cover Essay of not more than three pages, single spaced, outlining their progress as a student of Geography and detailing important influences such as key courses, academic and service experiences, study abroad, and/or interactions with people who have contributed to the students's interest and performance in Geography. The committee is looking for essays that demonstrate a student's critical reflection on his/her intellectual development.

A transcript of courses, including a report that shows both university GPA and Geography GPA.

Two (2) Examples of Exemplary Work which may be academic papers or projects such as maps or service reports. These must be from courses at the intermediate (100) or advanced (200) level. No work from introductory level courses (0 level) will be accepted.

  • The student must include a description of the assignment for which the paper or project was completed. The student must also indicate the percentage contribution of this assignment towards the final grade in the course (please see note in recommendations below). The work must be a formal and significant assignment, constituting no less than 20% of the final grade in the course.
  • Any submission that was part of a group project must include a clear description of the student's individual contribution to the work. For example, the student should list the writing/maps/figures/images he/she produced.
  • The Portfolio must be submitted, in hard copy, to the Department Administrator.


  • It is strongly advised that the student speak in person with their advisor or course professors regarding their submissions for Honors review.
  • Students should revise their work before submitting it to the Honors Committee. They should submit a clean copy of each paper. The paper should not include professor comments, corrections, or grades.

Questions about the Department Honors and the submission requirements should be directed to:

  • Cheryl Morse:
  • Shelly Rayback:
  • Pablo Bose:

A Committee of Geography Department faculty members reviews the research papers and selects the students who will be awarded Department Honors. This achievement is noted on the student's transcript and is published in the Commencement program.

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