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Faculty - Cheryl Morse, Assistant Professor

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Cheryl Morse, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Area of expertise

Social geography, rural studies, place production, nature-culture theory, identity, landscape, youth, Vermont

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Dr Morse is a social geographer who researches the production of place and everyday experience, especially in rural contexts. Her present research, titled "The Vermont Farmlands Project," includes a suite of studies ranging from residents' perspectives on agricultural landscape change, to identity and belonging in rural communities, youth outmigration, and working landscapes policy. She has also conducted research in health geography, wilderness therapy, and intergenerationality. She is a member of the Food Systems faculty, the Foods Systems Graduate Program Steering Committee, and the Center for Research on Vermont. Dr Morse is a Sustainability Fellow at UVM and offers two Service Learning courses. She teaches World Regional Geography, Geography of Vermont, Rural Geography, VT Field Studies (SL), People and Nature in Rural Environments seminar, and a graduate level Foods Systems Application Seminar (SL). Presently she serves as a board member on the Rural Geography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers, and is the Vermont representative to the New England-St Lawrence Valley division of the AAG.

Quote:“I am commited to 'home work'. My home state, Vermont, both fascinates and sustains me.It is where I grew up, where I choose to live and raise a family, and has become a topic of study. I am thrilled to teach Vermont Studies courses at UVM and to serve as an Associate Member of the Center for Research on Vermont.”

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