University of Vermont

Office of the General Counsel

What should I do if someone tries to serve me with a summons, complaint, or other official legal document?

You cannot accept service of a subpoena, complaint, or other legal document on behalf of the University. If a process server attempts to serve you with documents directed to the University, you should politely decline and direct the process server to the Office of the General Counsel at 357 Waterman Building.

If you are served with documents that name you personally, you may accept service (that is, sign a paper of acceptance) only for yourself.  If the matter involves your duties or activities conducted by you for the University, notify the Office of the General Counsel immediately and forward the documents to this Office at 357 Waterman Building or  You may wish to keep a copy for your records.  The Office of the General Counsel will review the documents, determine what steps are necessary, and discuss with you your involvement, if any.

If you are served with a subpoena or other legal document addressed to you concerning a non-University matter, you should seek the advice of private legal counsel.

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Last modified November 28 2016 03:14 PM