Druschel Research Group:

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Greg Druschel

Assistant Professor

(B.A., B.S. Muskingum College 1995; M.S. Washington State 1998; Ph.D. Wisconsin 2002)

Nicole Shufelt

Measuring redox-dependent P flux in Lake Champlain sediments

(B.S. Geology, University of Buffalo, 2010)
Angel Garcia

The role of elemental sulfur size on abiotic and biotic sulfur cycling

(B.S. Environmental Studies,

Laura Wilson

Spatial distribution and trace metal fingerprinting of asbestos materials

.Tim Kelly

Equilibrium of P between water and sediments at oxic and anoxic conditions

Brianna Birchmann

XRF analysis of lake sediments - effects of liquid and frozen water content on Fe, Mn, Ca, Al, and P levels


Alyssa Findlay

Undergraduate Student
(B.A., Environmental Science)

Mineralogy of the VAG deposit, Vermont

Fe isotopes in the Fe-S system
Lydia Smith

Graduate Student
(B.S., Geology, UVM 2007)

Nutrient speciation and cycling associated with redox changes in Lake Champlain sediments

Lydia's MS thesis
Jessica Sperling

Graduate Student (B.S., Geology, University of Buffalo, 2008)

Iron isotope fractionations in the Fe-S-H2O system
Emily Matys

Undergraduate Student (RSENR Environmental Sciences)

Lake Champlain water chemistry
Ed Greiner

Undergraduate Student (Geology B.S., Chemistry minor)

Using gel-coated electrodes to investigate intermediate sulfur chemistry at Green Lake
Aliza Gordon

Undergraduate Student (Environmental Sciences B.S.)

Acid-volatile sulfide measurements in Lake Champlain sediments
Ian Donovan

Undergraduate Student (Geology B.S.)

Hydrothermal Geochemistry - Relating reservoir changes to geologic domains in the Lardarello area, Italy
Christy Leonard

Undergraduate Student (Geology B.A.)

Mineral phases responsilble for P immobilization in slag filter technology
Tyler George-Minetti

Undergraduate Student (Geology, B.A., 2008)

Secondary mineral formation and Cu mobility at the Pike Hill Mine, Vermont.

Danielle Eastman

Undergraduate Student (Geology, B.A., 2007)

Sulfur speciation and microbiology in the Frasassi Caves, central Italy (collaboration with Dr. Jenn Macalady, Penn State)

Danielle's senior thesis

Harry Oduro

Graduate Student (Geology, M.S. 2007)

FeS(aq) molecular clusters - Role in sulfide mineral formation and dissolution/oxidation

Currently: Ph.D. Student at the University of Maryland

Aaron Hartmann

Undergraduate Student (Biology, B.S. 2007)

Phosphorus and nitrogen dynamics in St. Albans and Mississquoi Bays linked to redox cycling

Currently Ph.D. student at Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Mike Bower

Undergraduate Student
(Environmental Sciences, Chemistry Concentration, 2007)

Comparison of gold, mercury, glassy carbon solid state electrode performance in natural systems

Currently M.S. student at University of Buffalo
Molly Ogden

Undergraduate Student

Designing web-based educational exercises to demonstrate karst processes

Currently teaching in the Sudan

Greg Lorenson

Alumni (MS 2006)

Click HERE for a pdf of Greg's thesis on As, S electrochemistry and microbial energetics!

Currently: Environmental Consultant in Helena, MT

Roey Angel and Neta Negouker

Graduate Student Interns (Arava Institute, Israel) - VT-Arab-Israeli Peace Partners Program 2005

P cycling and sediment microbial ecology in Saint Albans Bay
Kristin Katowski

Alumni (B.S. Environmental Science 2005)

Assessing SO2 loss during pyrite oxidation


Dr. Donna Rizzo (UVM Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Dr. Mary Watzin (UVM Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources)
Dr. Aleksandra Drizo (UVM Plant and Soil Sciences)
Simon Bird (UVM Plant and Soil Sciences MS student)
Martin Lee (UVM Civil and Environmental Engineering Student)
Dr. Jenn Macalady (Penn State)
Dr. Clark Johnson (University of Wisconsin)
Dr. Brian Beard (University of Wisconsin)
Dr. Martin Schoonen (SUNY Stony Brook)
Dr. Thomas Pichler (University of South Florida)
Olesya Lazarova (University of South Florida)
Dr. Greg Slater (McMaster University)
Dr. Tim McDermott (Montana State Thermal Biology Institute)
Seth D'Imperio Dr. Tim McDermott (Montana State Thermal Biology Institute)
Eric Boyd (Montana State Thermal Biology Institute)