Welcome to the Microbial Geochemistry Lab at UVM Geology

This facility is partly supported by VT EPSCoR as a core environmental microbiology research facility: Faculty, staff, and students are welcome to be trained and utilize this equipment for their own research - please contact Greg if interested!

We utilize a number of instruments and techniques to characterize both the geochemistry and microbial community in a range of aqueous environments:

Lab entrance

Electrode construction areas electrode construction area
Hanging Mercury Drop electrode system HMDE
Water bath and voltammetric systems baths, voltammetry
UV-Vis spectrophotometer and pH STAT titrator UV-Vis and pH STAT
Ion Chromatograph IC
Thermocyclers, UV-cross linker and centrifuges for PCR, RFLP preparations thermocyclers
Gel boxes, UV imaging system, and refrigerated centrifuge gel box and imager