Circumcision Tragic Results

Some people have compared circumcision with vaccination.
The two procedures are not comparable. The other (circumcision) is surgery to prevent a number of rather improbable conditions of the foreskin. If we circumcise for these, how much as advisable to cut the labia of girls for hygiene and the eye lids because someday they may not function properly and require treatment.

This child's penis was totally destroyed at circumcision. The child was castrated and sex reassigned as a female! Why was a circumcision done to begin with ? Tell this child it was in HIS best interest.
The American Academy of Pediatrics as of March 1999 has found no reason to advise or advocate routine infant circumcision. See the A.A.P. home page for details.
The following is from the NOCIRC Spring Annual Report

A NOHARMM survey to find what pediatricians know and don't know about a normal penis found the following:
13% do-not know the foreskin protects the glans penis, lubricates, defends against bacteria, has a sexual function

22% Did NOT know the proper care for a young child's foreskin. These doctors thought foreskin retraction was needed. This can damage the foreskin by causing scarring and bleeding. The foreskin should never be FORCED back in a child that does not yet have full separation of the foreskin from the glans or penis "head".

25% Did NOT know the United States is the only country where the majority of boys are circumcised for non-religious reasons.

27% Thought a doctor had a responsibility to circumcise for any reason a parent might give, including none, if the PARENT requested it !

35% Did not believe there were any long term consequences of circumcision. Of these 15 % thought men were making up reasons or problems when they said they wished they had NOT been circumcised !

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