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Renewing Tomcat SSL certificates

Following Greg’s advice, as well as the Tomcat docs here are the steps I’ve performed to update the SSL certificates used by two Tomcat instances:

  1. Backup the existing keystore file, just in case..
  2. Generate a new certificate, with new alias
    E:\Tomcat\conf> %java_home%\bin\keytool -genkey -keystore mytomcatserver.keystore -storepass ############ -alias tomcat2013 -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048  -dname "CN=mytomcatserver.uvm.edu, OU=Enterprise Technology Services, O=University of Vermont, L=Burlington, ST=VT, C=US" -validity 730
  3. Create a certificate signing request for that cert
    E:\Tomcat\conf> %java_home%\bin\keytool -certreq -keystore mytomcatserver.keystore -storepass ############ -keyalg RSA -alias tomcat2013 -file mytomcatserver.csr
  4. process the CSR with our CA

Now, there are two options for importing the certificate, and I’m not sure if there are implications for the difference:

  1. Import the rootCA cert first, then the intermediate CA, then the actual server
  2. Import the three certificates together as a chained cert. The order of the certificates in the certificate file appears significant; our signing authority provides the chained cert with the RootCA first, which hides the other certs from the Windows cert viewer, among other things.

To import the chained cert (ordered with the host cert, interm. cert, then rootCA cert):

E:\Tomcat\conf> %java_home%\bin\keytool -import -keystore mytomcatserver.keystore -storepass ############ -alias tomcat2013 -file mytomcatserver_uvm_edu.cer -trustcacerts

Now, we need to update the tomcat server.xml so that the keyalias attribute references our new certificate’s alias. Then, when the tomcat process is cycled, it should use the new cert.

Thursday – March 5

Goal for today: get auto_provisioning script working.

Feeling cold; AC is blowing strong and winning the HVAC smackdown.

Made lots of progress on provisioning scripts, then hit brick wall: Need IO::Socket::SSL and Net::SSLeay in order to do Net::LDAP->starttls, and the perldap package from UWinnipeg for Perl 5.10 doesn’t have these available.

Do I try to compile myself and build PPMs? Ugh.

Maybe ActivePerl 5.8 x64 would get the job done…

securing wordpress

I finally found some info about getting current verions of WordPress to use SSL for Logins and wp-admin. I have enabled the settings on both my blogs, and it appears to be working OK. I have been using Windows Live Writer to post entries, and it’s been working very well. We’ll see what happens if I change the blog URL to use SSL. :/