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Friday – March 6

Storage issues overnight; thanks, Greg, for putting out the fire.

Server storage resize project: IBM RSA access established, trouble getting GNU PartEd.

NERCOMP Campus Agreement LiveMeeting

Planning and design of home directory storage. Did some interesting analysis. Don’t want to break anything before the weekend, though. And I’m back on call.

And I solved a PHP problem for a client of IM; nice way to close the day. Thanks, Laurie.

TinyMCE fixed!

I finally got around to using a javascript debugger to find out why the visual editor refused to work for me. I got the following error when there was an attempt to call tinyMCEPreInit.Start():Object doesn’t support this property or method”. I quick search led me to this forum thread, which references a PHP bug. I reproduced the bug behavior, and then made the code changes recommended in the forum post.

I’m now posting my first blog entry using the visual editor. Hurrah! Many thanks to the member who posted the solution, a certain bcodding. I wonder… Confirmed: that’s my colleague, Ben, from down the hall. Quite the coincidence!

Now I’ll go back to being out sick.