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Outlook 2013 at UVM

UPDATE! All UVM email accounts have been migrated to Microsoft Exchange, and so this guide is no longer necessary. Outlook 2013 and 2016 setup is very easy, and all functionality is available.

These instructions describe a configuration for connecting to our old email system via IMAP. For connecting Outlook to UVM’s current mail service, see http://www.uvm.edu/techteam/outlook-2016-for-exchange/.

Changes in Outlook 2013

The most significant change in the new version of Outlook is the support of touch-based interfaces. In Outlook 2010, using your finger to scroll a message resulted in selecting a swath of text, as though clicking and dragging with a mouse. Outlook 2013 addresses this, and adds specific support for touch interaction with adjusted menu spacing and a thumb-based button bar that works really well on Windows tablets.

Outlook 2013 - tablet mode

Outlook 2013 – special features available on touch devices include touch scrolling, and a button bar for the right thumb.

You’ll also notice a much cleaner design, where the faux 3D buttons and look have been simplified and flattened. I find myself selecting the dark gray color scheme to restore some visual variety and separation, though.

One change that’s a little irritating is that you can no longer specify the folder into which copies of your sent messages are received; they go into a folder called Sent Items. Instead, I’ve configured Pine, Webmail, and Thunderbird to use Sent Items, too.

I continue to find Outlook a user-friendly, feature-rich email client, and I’m glad to share these instructions with you. Let’s get started. Continue reading