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Worklog – Town Meeting Day

Need to expand storage on WinDB; Kent is working on the FC storage.

Documentation regarding printer installation. Added a How-To wiki library to the AD Sharepoint Site, and added instruction for installing a printer by Finding a printer in the directory.

Disks on WinDB are successfully expanded.

Expanded the printer documentation.

Quite a bit of work confirming the functionality of NTFRS for SYSVOL: correlated GP GUIDs and Names; looked into a couple of orphaned policy folders; looked through deletedObjects container. Couldn’t find any policies pointing to those orphaned GUIDs.

Fixed Samsung printer duplex issue.

Registered for Mastering the Maze. I note that Greg is doing a couple of presentations, and Carol, Ben, and Henrietta are also covering technology topics.

Began review of Certificate Services migration process:

Worklog – Monday, March 2

Lots of email cleanup, after being out sick and then on vacation.

Just realized I’m supposed to be working with Center for Cultural Pluralism staff on using SharePoint. Working on some prep, examples.

Met with Sherwood, Mary, and Wes. Went over some broad sharepoint concepts, helped Sherwood and Mary verify their ability to log in. Decided to schedule another session in the future for more detailed discussion.

Worked to create CIT/ETS printers on the new servers. Ran into an issue creating an ETS printer in Colchester. Installed tcping and portqry to check firewall port access. Installed Web JetAdmin on printers3, doesn’t detect printers in part of 184 subnet. Found a list of Canon DIAS ports: http://www.digitalissues.co.uk/html/software/drivers/firewall-ports.html

NTFRS issue; followed instructions in KB 925633 to restore SYSVOL from other DC. Looks like there are a couple policies that got munged. Will have to follow up tomorrow.

Brief consult with Scott about mysql backups and the Dark Crystal.