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Snow days are fun

We’ve been getting a lot of wet, heavy snow over the last day, and more is on the way. I even got my car stuck in the driveway on top of the snow. /sigh I decided to take a day … Continue reading

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We can has swim? drink?

Before we had chickens, we had ducks! I miss them… sort of. They were happy to help themselves to NB’s kiddie pool. Though, this picture is of their tub. So is it LOLDucks or LOLKid?

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NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program

Nature Boy has participated in the National Novel Writing Month’s Young Writers Program, this month. He’s very excited because he just completed his first draft of his work at over 12,000 words. He’s been working hard on it, and though … Continue reading

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Happy 13th, NatureBoy!

You are loving, creative, spirited, and lots of fun. I love being your Dad; it’s such an adventure. I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner or behind the locked wooden door. CraftyMomma has some more cute NB photos. … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Beloved Wife made a Father’s Day slide show for me: Pretty amazing to see a survey like that. [sniff] After a pleasant morning, NatureBoy and I trundled into town to visit the FLGS, where we picked up a few things, … Continue reading

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Geek Momma rocks!

Whenever we go to Barnes & Noble, we visit the used section. Last month, I found some Transformers graphic novels that were helpful in keeping NatureBoy occupied during some of the long waits during CraftyMomma‘s graduation. Recently, NatureBoy and I … Continue reading

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Mouse Guard RPG

I first heard about the Mouse Guard RPG on a Fear the Boot interview with Luke Crane. I picked up a copy of Mouse Guard Fall 1152 soon after; my first graphic novel! I was hooked. The artwork is absolutely … Continue reading

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Wiz-War progress

We’ve been casting lots of Wiz-War pieces over the past weeks. I finally got some masonite to use as a base for the game board segments, to which we would glue the floor and spacer tiles. I cut a square … Continue reading

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Killer Bunnies

The Solstice Cardinal brought me gaming gift called Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. It’s a silly, fun card game with a number of different aspects that make it quite interesting.   Basically, you try to keep … Continue reading

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Thirteen years

Thirteen years ago, I made the best choice I’ve ever made; I asked my best friend to marry me. I’m so grateful for the time we’ve had together, and I look forward to your wonderful companionship in the years to … Continue reading

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