Sickbay and snowstorm

The whole family has been sick with a bad cold. NatureBoy was ill last weekend. Beloved wife and I succumbed this week. I had to leave work early twice, and then took sick days Friday and today. BW and I spent most of our time sleeping or watching videos from the folded-out futon.

I’m glad to say that we’re on the mend. BW tried to get to work this morning, but the big snowstorm made travel impossible. So we hunkered down for one more day of recuperation.

I’m glad to say that during some of my more lucid moments, NatureBoy and I did get in some gaming. As a solstice gift, I got the Mouse Guard RPG and Warcosm space fleet combat game. (Both purchased from Indie Press Revolution as Book + PDF bundles!). I will post about each separately

Last night and today, we’ve had quite a bit of snow. Traffic was moving pretty slowly on Route 15.



Snow always makes the barn stand out.




I liked the way the snow mounded on the feeder echoes the shapes of the crook.

Anyway, I will post more details about Mouse Guard and Warcosm soon.

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