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WETA makes a mermaid

Spotted on Engadget, this is a very cool story:

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Mouse Guard RPG

I first heard about the Mouse Guard RPG on a Fear the Boot interview with Luke Crane. I picked up a copy of Mouse Guard Fall 1152 soon after; my first graphic novel! I was hooked. The artwork is absolutely … Continue reading

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Sickbay and snowstorm

The whole family has been sick with a bad cold. NatureBoy was ill last weekend. Beloved wife and I succumbed this week. I had to leave work early twice, and then took sick days Friday and today. BW and I … Continue reading

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WPTZ Poll: Do you support gay marriage in VT?

WPTZ Channel 5 is running a poll on same gender marriage. Please take a moment — a single yes/no vote — to express your support for or opposition to this important legislation.

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Wiz-War progress

We’ve been casting lots of Wiz-War pieces over the past weeks. I finally got some masonite to use as a base for the game board segments, to which we would glue the floor and spacer tiles. I cut a square … Continue reading

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