Monthly Archives: September 2004

Journalist James Fallows

spoke on Fresh Air on Tuesday , September 28, 2004 : Fallows is the national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly. His latest article in the Atlantic is “Bush’s Lost Year.” Fallows has written seven books, including Breaking the News: How … Continue reading

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Meetings, meetings

Participated in the ERP Architecture Assessment today, discussing client and developer system requirements and configuration, some security and network topics, and a brief foray into directory services. I checked in with the graduate college; dbouchar has been applying SP4 /SP2 … Continue reading

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Fun with migration

Yesterday (Monday, Sep 27) I completed the data migration of the FAB shared area from Gemini to Files. It took 1 hr, 30 min to transfer 2.5 GB of data using robocopy. That’s crappy. I created three installation CDs for … Continue reading

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