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We’re back, and in HD

Well, with HD. We moved into a new house over a year ago, and we opted not to get a cable TV subscription. But the HD antenna I got at the Shack wasn’t pulling in strong signal. Which is sad, … Continue reading

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Wiz-War progress

We’ve been casting lots of Wiz-War pieces over the past weeks. I finally got some masonite to use as a base for the game board segments, to which we would glue the floor and spacer tiles. I cut a square … Continue reading

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Making WizWar

When we attended the Carnage gaming conference in November, NatureBoy and I played a game called WizWar, and had a great time. The game itself is out of print, but rules and materials can be downloaded and used to make … Continue reading

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Summer reflections 2: Picnic Table

I built a picnic table during my vacation in August. I hadn’t built anything this involved in quite a while, probably not since the chicken coop over ten years ago. It seemed like this ought to be a pretty straight-forward … Continue reading

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Crafting in the blood

My Beloved Wife’s blog persona is “CraftyMommaVT” and it fits her perfectly. Part of her internship early this summer involved creating a tool for the Skilled Nursing Facility where she was working. She thought through how to make it really … Continue reading

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She got me Make!

Beloved Wife got me a subscription to Make Magazine from O’Reilly for Solstice. We’ve been waiting impatiently for it to arrive, and it finally came! I’ve only had a chance to skim it, but it’s a solid issue. Thanks, BW!!

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The Make blog pointed me to some beautiful and interesting computer-generated art at The artist, Jared Tarbell, has a gallery of generated images, and most of them applications that generate the images are available to run, creating more unique … Continue reading

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Sky pirates

I was working at home in the afternoon, yesterday, and NatureBoy was keeping himself busy in the living room. After a while he made his way to the dining room where I was, making buzzy machine sound effects and moving … Continue reading

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Sword tag

This post is very overdue. Several weeks ago, Beloved Wife headed off for a weekend of Grrrl Power, leaving NatureBoy and me to our own devices (buwa-ha-ha-ha!). We dropped into the friendly neighborbood gaming store to see what was going … Continue reading

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