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Carnage game report – Day Two

Today, NatureBoy and I played two games that were new to us; PowerGrid in the morning, and Wiz-War this afternoon. We enjoyed them both, but Wiz-War was much more fun. PowerGrid is a "euro-game" where players take turns purchasing power … Continue reading

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Carnage Game report – Day One

We made our way to the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee for Carnage. We’ve all been looking forward to getting away for the weekend, even Beloved Wife, who isn’t actually participating in the convention. She’s a crafting geek, though, and … Continue reading

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Carnage gaming con this weekend

I’m taking NatureBoy and Beloved Wife to Fairlee, VT, for a weekend gaming getaway at Carnage 11. NB and I will be gaming; BW will be doing a bit of school work, knitting, and enjoying Lake Morey resort. We attended … Continue reading

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2008 Debates Online

We’re an early to bed, early to rise crew in my family, and the important debates all start at my bedtime. I did stay up to see the Biden/Palin debate, and but I haven’t watched the Presidential debates, figuring I … Continue reading

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Clone Wars TV Series – worth watching

NatureBoy and I stayed up late (for us) on Friday night to watch the premier of Cartoon Network’s CG series Clone Wars, and we both enjoyed them. Here’s the trailer from Cartoon Network on YouTube: The premier really comprised two … Continue reading

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Summer reflections 2: Picnic Table

I built a picnic table during my vacation in August. I hadn’t built anything this involved in quite a while, probably not since the chicken coop over ten years ago. It seemed like this ought to be a pretty straight-forward … Continue reading

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Crafting in the blood

My Beloved Wife’s blog persona is “CraftyMommaVT” and it fits her perfectly. Part of her internship early this summer involved creating a tool for the Skilled Nursing Facility where she was working. She thought through how to make it really … Continue reading

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Best birthday card ever

After I finished my usual morning email purge, I popped over to my BW’s blog to see her post for the day (she posts very regularly). I found myself reading the best birthday card I’ve ever received. I sat in … Continue reading

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When NatureBoy and I attended NorthEast Wars in April, one of the events we played was a six-person Heroscape game. I hadn’t played it before; I think NB may have played with a friend more than a year prior. Although … Continue reading

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Whale’s Tale water park

I have a lot of topics to post about. Here’s a fun one from last weekend. Beloved Wife surprised me on Sunday morning, suggesting that we head to Whale’s Tale Waterpark for the day. I was giddy. Whale’s Tale is … Continue reading

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