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Star Trek Survey

Your results:You are Mr. Sulu Mr. Sulu 65% Beverly Crusher 65% Deanna Troi 65% Spock 62% Uhura 55% Geordi LaForge 55% An Expendable Character (Redshirt) 55% Data 52% James T. Kirk (Captain) 50% Jean-Luc Picard 50% Will Riker 50% Chekov … Continue reading

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Some books I’ve been trying to get through

I wish I had more time or read faster, or both! I’ve been working on some of the following: Gross, Benedict H., 1950- Magic of numbers / Benedict Gross, Joe Harris. QA39.3 .G76 2004 Ruchlis, Hyman. Story of mathematics; geometry … Continue reading

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.0

I’ve lost my old posts. But I’ve got a backup of the posts table, so I can restore the entries at some point.

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LARP Boffer sword how-to is a good set of instructions for making round noodle sword. shows how to make realistic-looking latex sword. And the wikipedia entry for LARP:

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Fantasy reading material

JR has just finished Eldest, and I’m looking for new titles to satisfy his reading appetite. ALA has a list of recommendations for fans of Harry Potter. That pointed me to Dragonsinger, by Anne McCaffrey. It sounds interesting, and I … Continue reading

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