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We’re back, and in HD

Well, with HD. We moved into a new house over a year ago, and we opted not to get a cable TV subscription. But the HD antenna I got at the Shack wasn’t pulling in strong signal. Which is sad, … Continue reading

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Fun with little synths

Very cool. The instruments: KAOSSILATOR MONOTRON

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We love the Muppets

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USS Albacore

Earlier this Spring, Beloved Wife attended a conference in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and NatureBoy and I tagged along. While BW was conferring, the boy and I ourselves busy. In the evenings, we ate out and explored some of the shops … Continue reading

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What class are you?

D&D Home Page – What Class Are You? – Build A Character – D&D Compendium

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Snow days are fun

We’ve been getting a lot of wet, heavy snow over the last day, and more is on the way. I even got my car stuck in the driveway on top of the snow. /sigh I decided to take a day … Continue reading

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We can has swim? drink?

Before we had chickens, we had ducks! I miss them… sort of. They were happy to help themselves to NB’s kiddie pool. Though, this picture is of their tub. So is it LOLDucks or LOLKid?

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NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program

Nature Boy has participated in the National Novel Writing Month’s Young Writers Program, this month. He’s very excited because he just completed his first draft of his work at over 12,000 words. He’s been working hard on it, and though … Continue reading

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The Oathbound

The Oathbound by Mercedes Lackey My rating: 4 of 5 stars Finished this last night. I grabbed the Sword and Sorceress III volume from the library in order to read the beginning of the story, and that was very compelling. … Continue reading

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Greens, beans, and rice

I improvised a dish with some collard greens, some black beans, and rice, plus onions, carrots, and some dice kielbasa. And I started with two strips of thick-cut Mckenzie bacon. It came out very well; Beloved Wife had to go … Continue reading

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