Hebrew 51 - Lesson 39
By David Fischer

Translation of text on page 114: House of clocks

Near the market in Jerusalem "Machneh Yehuda" market there is an interesting house. The people of Jerusalem call it the house of clocks. The history of this house starts in 1905. On that year came from America to the land of Israel Rabbi Shmuel Levi. He lived in Jerusalem. He loved the city and the people and thought (wondered) how to help them. He knew that many guests come come to Jerusalem and they don't have a place to stay (live). R' Shmuel Levi gave money to buy a synagogue and an inn for guests in the city. Very many guests came to Jerusalem, and they ate and stayed at the inn without paying money. This house is tall. On the wall of the house there is a big sun dial and two small regualr clocks. the sun dial helped the jews (to) know when to worhip, since the jews worship in a "not fix" time of the day. In th esummer for example they start worshiping at 5am, and in the winter they start at 6. Near the sun dial there are two regular clocks since in days of winter (people) don't always see the sun.

LSN39 Hitpael structure is called by some people a reflexive structure. Some of the verbs that are conjugated as Hitpael convey recuring action. Others convey a mix of pasive and active action: Getting dressed, getting washed, having a hair cut and more. Following are a number of characters of the Hitpael structure: 1. Hit prefix in past tense, Mit in Present tense. 2. P Hapoal, voweled in Patach. 3. Both P and A Hapoal, have a Dagesh (relevant with B/V, Ch/C and P/F). 4. If P Hapoal is  ,  ,  ,  they switch places with the  of the prefix "  ".   X 5. ALSO , if it is  , the  is replaced with a  .   X 6. ALSO , if it is  , the  is replaced with a  .  g  Y   d d x  ! d d x  --- Y  ~  ~       Got a hair cut Got drunk Expressed regret Accumulated Caught a cold Had his picture taken Got old Made predictions Turned around Ignored Worked out Apologized Volunteered Corresponded Became more expensive Was thoughtful Made a commitment

Please answer the questions in Exercise 6 page 120

Exercise 6 page 123: Please mark the right sentence according to the text.