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MFA Programs
Hollywood Reporter List (Top 25)
Movie Outline best MFAs
The Independent's list of short intensive post grad programs and MFAs for documentary filmmaking
PhD Programs in Film Studies:  USC, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, Iowa, Wisconsin, University Of Pittsburgh, UC Berkeley, UT Austin
PhD Programs in Cultural Studies: Claremont Graduate School, University of Minnesota



Each year in October, Burlington hosts the Vermont International Film Festival, a showcase for documentary and political films and local filmmakers.  With prizes awarded in the categories, War and Peace, Justice and Human Rights, and the Environment, the Festival highlights the notion that cinema can be used as a foce for social change.


The Sundance Film Festival is a film festival in the United States, and ranks amongst the top five events of its type in the world. Held annually in Park City as well as Salt Lake City, Utah the festival is the premiere showcase for new work from American and international independent filmmakers. The festival comprises competitive sections for American and independent dramatic and documentary films, and a group of non-competitive showcase sections, including the Sundance Online Film Festival.


The Cannes Film Festival (French: le Festival international du film de Cannes or simply le Festival de Cannes) is the world's most prestigious film festival, first held from September 20 to October 5, 1946 in the resort town of Cannes, in the south of France. Since then, it has been held annually in May with a few exceptions. Given massive media exposure, the non-public Festival is attended by many movie stars and is a popular venue for movie producers to launch their new films and attempt to sell their works to the distributors who come from all over the globe.

Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff as a response to the attacks on the World Trade Center. Now in its fourth year, the Festival's mission is to create platforms for filmmakers to reach the best possible audience for their work.

Home Movie Day

Home Movie Day is a worldwide celebration of amateur films and filmmaking. Home Movie Day is held annually on the second Saturday in August, and HMD 2005 is August 13.





Screen site

An excellent clearinghouse for cinema and television resources.  From academic journals to the latest entertainment news, Screen Site has well-organized categories for a varitey of interests.

The Internet Movie Database

A good, general compendium of production information about specific films.  Want to know what made Jan Syankmajer made?  Curious about what Edie Falco was in before the Sopranos? IMDB is the place to start!


The internet's largest film & media directory.





National Film Preservation Board

The National Film Preservation Board is the Library of Congresses film site, and they, along with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the George Eastman House, the Library of congress, the Museum of Modern Art, and the UCLA Film and Television Archive are responsible for the two large collections of rare films, Treasures from the American Film Archives, and More Treasures from the American Film Archives.

The Academy Film Archive

The Academy Film Archive is part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the folks who award the Oscars) and contains over 15,000 film and video items dating from the earliest period of cinema.

The American Film Institute

AFI is one of the pre-eminent cinematic organizations in the country.  Their four-fold mission is described as:  "training the next generation of filmmakers; presenting the moving image in its many forms to a national and international public; preserving America's great movie heritage; and redefining the moving image in the new digital era."  In recent years, AFI has been responsible for producing a number of "100 years...100 movies" lists to help commemorate the centenary of cinema.




Short Films / Avant-Garde Filmmakers:

Video Data Bank

Video Data Bank is a Web vendor dedicated to promoting the work of contemporary artists who use film and video as their primary media.  If there is an obscure video performance or artist, chances are Video Data Bank has them in their catalogue.


IFILM is one of the leading video-entertainment destination on the Web, offering channels of movies, short films, TV clips, video-game trailers, music videos, action sports and its celebrated Viral Videos collection. delivers more than 30 million streams per month, making it one of the top ten streaming media sites in the world.

Atom Films

IFilm and Atom Films are quasi comercial sites that allow surfers to download a number of short films from animation to martial arts to film trailers.  The content varies, and some of it may be offensive, so be forewarned.




Media Resources Center

University of California's compendium of books and articles as well as other media resources. An indispensible starting point for any research project in film and television studies.