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Film Screening The Crest

On Wednesday, February 28th please join us at 6:00pm in Waterman Room 413 for a film screening of The Crest followed by a Q&A with the Director Mark Covino. Read more about the film screening.

Film, Scholarship, and Youtube

Peter Ackerman is halfway through his UVM academic journey as a film and television studies major, and if there is one lesson he's taken to heart it's "never be afraid to make a mistake." To learn more about Peter's story, follow this link.

UVM Alumni Jon Kilik, '78, Launches New Film "Thank You For Your Service"

"Trusting his instincts has been a successful formula for Jon Kilik 78, who has produced nearly 50 feature length films including 'The Hunger Games' franchise, 'Do the Right Thing,' 'Dead Man Walking,' 'A Bronx Tale,' 'Babel,' 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly' and 'Foxcatcher.'

"It was instinct that led Kilik to UVM after attending high school in Milburn, New Jersey... 'Vermont wasn't too far from New Jersey but to me it felt otherworldly,' he recalls. 'Clean air, clean water, beautiful campus, great local flavor and so green. I couldn't believe it.'" Follow the link to read more. Jon Kilik Article

Vermont International Film Festival

Experience a film festival from the inside out. In this one credit course that runs every fall, students are led through the entire process of putting together a film festival. Studying the process of curating a film festival, attending many of the films and events throughout the weekend, and meeting filmmakers to discuss their films, this one credit course gives students the exciting opportunity to understand what goes on behind the scenes at the Vermont International Film Festival.

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David V. Picker

Former head of United Artists, Paramount, and Columbia, David Picker came to UVM to speak with students in November 2014.  Picker produced films such as "Lenny" (1974), "The Jerk" (1979), and "The Crucible" (1996), in addition to shepherding into existence the James Bond series and working with great directors such as Woody Allen ...

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Rick Boothby

Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Maryland, Rick Boothby spoke at UVM in November, 2014. Boothby talked on the psychoanalytic understanding of the formation of subjectivity from the initial confrontation with the other.  Boothby is interested in how the traumatic relationship with the other has a formative affect on ...

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Jon Kilik and "Foxcatcher"

This past December, the entire UVM campus was invited to two free screenings of the Vermont premiere of Foxcatcher, a new film starring Mark Ruffalo, Channing Tatum, and Steve Carell, brought by UVM alumnus and Hollywood producer Jon Kilik ('78). The local media were eager to interview the Oscar-nominated producer, but his visit ...

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Professor Sarah Nilsen interviewed on Pacifica Radio!

Sarah Nilsen was interviewed on July 9 by C.S. Soong, the Host of the show, Against the Grain, on Pacifica Radio about her essay “Some People Just Hide in Plain Sight”: Historicizing Racism in Mad Men . The essay, which is included in the recently released book, The Colorblind Screen: Television in Post-Racial America, ...

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2014 FTS Honors Ceremony for Seniors


Film and Television Studies 2014 Graduates!

The 2014 seniors are now off to begin their lives after college.  We will miss them all.  Our new FTS graduates are moving out across the country.  Some are pursuing further graduate studies, for example we have one student entering a Masters Program in Public Relations at University of Southern California, another entering an ...

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Join the UVM Film Series!!

FTS is excited to continue working with the Lane Series and the Fleming to usher the unique UVM film series into its 6th year this spring.  Students can take this series as a one credit course (FTS 96: UVM Film Series) and Burlington community members can buy tickets to the series through the Lane Series.  It's an excellent ...

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Film and Television Studies Production Classes

The Film and Television Studies production classes at UVM provide hands on experience combining theory and practice.  Because students are required to take an intro class (FTS 7, 8, 9, or 10) and a film theory class (FTS 121), they come in with a shared language and commitment.  The production classes prompt students to explore ...

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The Film Club

The student run film club offers students the opportunity to make films, talk about films, and engage in workshops outside of the classroom.  The Film Club has been going strong as long as the FTS major has been in place, though it encourages non-majors as well to join.  The club facilitates students to help on each other's ...

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2014 Dugan Foley Award to the Outstanding FTS Junior

Congratulations to UVM Film and Television Studies student Adrienne Rosenberg on receiving the Dugan Foley Award for outstanding FTS junior. And thank you to Dugan Foley's mother Dixie Tucker O'Connor for attending the ceremony and helping us celebrate.

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UVM Film and Television Alumni Update: Colin Thompson '05 and Myles Jewell '05

When Colin Thompson and Myles Jewell first met before college it didn’t seem like they would get to know each other all that well. Colin was headed off to Quinnipiac set to study sports journalism and Myles planned on studying English at UVM. However, when Colin transferred to UVM after his sophomore year that all changed. They ...

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FTS Seniors Present at the Student Research Conference

UVM Film and Television Studies students Laura Davenport and Sadie Holliday presented this year at the Student research conference. Laura Davenport presented her screenplay titled: "Knights and Neighves: The Writing of an Animated Adventure." And Sadie Holliday presented her research in her paper titled: "From the Sidelines to ...

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