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Hands on training brings theory and practice together

The Film and Television Studies production classes at UVM provide hands on experience combining theory and practice.  Because students are required to take an intro class (FTS 7, 8, 9, or 10) and a film theory class (FTS 121), they come in with a shared language and commitment.  The production classes prompt students to explore narrative, documentary, and experimental ideas visually while teaching them basic to advanced skills in video editing and shooting.  For example in a recent advanced production class with Professor Deb Ellis, the students were given a conceptual starting point for each project which they did in small groups.  Posted here is a piece whose conception starting point was ENERGY. Camera movement needed to reveal this concept and something had to be learned through the soundtrack design that would not be evident with the visuals only. And, at some point, multiple video layers designed in After Effects had to appear. Check out how Allie Straim ‘14, Michael Overton and Hayden Pressey-Murray responded in the video above.



Also check out Zach Pugh-Sandford’s response to Professor Peter Shellengerger’s prompt to interact with footage shot by Werner Herzog.  And check out the full story.