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Frequently Asked Questions about Advising in English and Film and Television Studies

Students are assigned an advisor during their first semester as a Film and Television major. Below is a list of commonly asked questions about navigating working with your advisor. If you have any other questions, or need help with advising as an FTS minor, please contact Prof. Sarah Nilsen.


Question: How do I find out who my advisor is?

Answer: Log in to the MyUVM portal.  You will see a tab along the top labeled “advising.”  Click it and you should see your advisor listed.

Question: How do I find my advisor's phone and office hours?

Answer: You can contact your advisor through the MyUVM Portal.  Your FTS advisor’s phone, email, and office hours will also be listed on the English department website.  Find and click on your advisor’s name.

Question: How do I change advisors?

Answer: If you wish to change advisors, you may make a request to do so with the main English office in person (400 Old Mill) or by phone (656-3055) or email.  We can usually but not always accommodate this.

Question: Why was I reassigned to a different advisor?

Answer: Professors, for various reasons, go on leave occasionally.  When this happens, you will be assigned to another advisor.

Question: What does my advisor do?

Answer: Your advisor will help you with course registration and answer questions about the Film and Television major, minor, and courses, as well as all College of Arts and Sciences general education distribution requirements needed for graduation.  They will also be able to point you in the right direction to find other information you need — for instance, Transfer Affairs, Study Abroad.  If you have questions about other issues, click “resources” in the MyUVM portal and you will see a list of offices here at UVM to help students with questions and problems large and small. Your advisor is also the place to start if you are interested in pursuing graduate study in English. For career advice, Career Services is the place to go.  But your advisor can be a good resource for this as well.  Finally, it is good to know about CAS Student Services.  They basically know everything!  Leaves of absence, late withdrawals, and incompletes are their domain.

Question: What if my advisor doesn't get back to me in a timely manner?

Answer: If you cannot get in contact with your advisor for some reason, which is unlikely, you may contact the Director of the Film and Television Studies program, currently Professor Sarah Nilsen.

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