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The Hubert "Hub" Vogelmann Fund

In the landscape of academia, the Field Naturalist Program travels a unique and innovative route. We begin by selecting no more than eight talented and promising individuals. They benefit from a demanding and specialized curriculum designed to produce conservationists in the mold of John Muir, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson and, most certainly, Hubert W. "Hub" Vogelmann.

Hub Vogelmann, a renowned scientist and conservationist here at the University of Vermont, recognized the essential value of basic research. His own research, for example, established that acid rain and other pollutants contributed to forest declines in the Green Mountains of Vermont. After publishing his findings in respected journals, Vogelmann might have retreated to one of his favorite fishing holes. Yet this scientist sought no respite. He sought results.

Never a cloistered academic, Vogelmann navigated the halls of power and conversed with ease in the public square. Among his many talents was bringing science and conservation to policy makers and ordinary citizens. He escorted U.S. senators and the national press corps up Vermont's 4,000-foot Camel's Hump so that they could see for themselves acid rain's damage. From Vogelmann's blend of research, policy and conservation came landmark national legislation controlling pollutants that cause acid rain.

student quote"To sustain Hub Vogelmann's vision, to generate scientists and conservationists who make a difference in the world, the University of Vermont has established the Hubert "Hub" Vogelmann Fund."

This union of science, nature and human nature was Hub Vogelmann's vision when he established the Field Naturalist Program in 1983. Essential to the model is private and foundation funding. It is no coincidence that Vogelmann also founded the Vermont chapter of The Nature Conservancy, which blends public and private funds to protect the state's prized natural areas.

The Field Naturalist Program's small size and highly specialized curriculum succeeds only with a similar blend of standard tuition and external funding. To sustain Hub Vogelmann's vision, to generate scientists and conservationists who make a difference in the world, the University of Vermont has established the Hubert "Hub" Vogelmann Fund.

Contributions to the Fund support the Field Naturalist Program's service-learning model so that our graduate students bring their talents to bear on solving real problems in the field and in communities. Vogelmann also demanded that Field Naturalist command and employ the force of the written word. The Fund therefore supports our writing curriculum, which features a dozen writing genres, workshops, and one-on-one writing instruction – yet another example of how our pedagogy differs from most other graduate disciplines.

Hub Vogelmann died on October 11, 2013 at age 84. During the tributes and memories that followed, Hub's family requested that friends, alumni and others support his memory and legacy with contributions to the Hubert "Hub" Vogelmann Fund. The donations will foster, as Hub intended, the planet's next legendary scientists and conservationists.

To support Hub's vision, please send a donation to the Hub Vogelmann Fund, c/o the UVM Foundation, 411 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05401. You can also give online via credit card by selecting the "Other" gift fund category and then designating the "Hub Vogelmann Fund" at the UVM Foundation website. Or to discuss your contribution contact Field Naturalist Program Director Dr. Jeffrey Hughes ( or 802-656-0708) or UVM Development Officer Howard Lincoln ( or 802-656-2509). Thank you.

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