Fleming Museum holds public reception for Goya and spring shows

BURLINGTON, VT- A public reception will be held Thursday, February 16, at the Robert Hull Fleming Museum to celebrate the exhibition opening of Francisco Goya's graphic masterpiece Los Caprichos (1799). An unprecedented display of the complete set of 80 black and white prints, Los Caprichos presents an extraordinary achievement in both artistic expression and social commentary by one of the greatest artists of the late 18th century. An illustrated discourse on the corruption and degeneracy of his time, Goya's Los Caprichos is at once an arresting and thought-provoking experience, filled with pathos, humor and criticism.

Opening at the same time will be The Inferno of Dante by Michael Mazur, a contemporary, visual interpretation of the horrors that greeted Dante Alighieri during his unforgettable tour through the depths of hell. The 41 black and white prints, originally commissioned to illustrate American Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky's recent translation of Dante's 14th century Italian classic, reflect a haunting but ultimately redeeming journey. The Inferno of Dante by Michael Mazur will close at the same time as the Goya exhibition on May 14, 2006.

A respite from the visual intensity of our print exhibitions, the Wilbur Room is housing a collection of Artists' Books, books that are created and fabricated by artists. On loan from the University of Vermont's Special Collections, the books demonstrate the exceptional range of creativity brought to the book format. The show opens January 17 and runs through the end of semester, closing June 5. Two rotations of artists' books will be on display during this exhibition: the first running through March 19th and the second beginning on March 21st.

Throughout the spring the Museum will present an exciting line-up of programming that explores these historical and contemporary works of art from a rich mix of social, historical, literary, and artistic perspectives.

Notes: The exhibition Francisco Goya: Los Caprichos is organized by Landau Traveling Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA. The Inferno of Dante by Michael Mazur is circulated by Curatorial Assistance, Los Angeles, CA. Connell Gallagher, director of special collections at the University of Vermont's Bailey/Howe library is curator of Artists' Books; Selections from UVM's Special Collections.

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Image Info:
Francisco de Goya (1746-1828), The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, (Plate 43 of Los Caprichos, 1797-1799. Etching and aquatint. Courtesy of Landau Traveling Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA. (16.4MB)

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Michael Mazur (b.1935), Canto IV: Limbo, 1996.
Etching and aquatint.
Courtesy Curatorial Assistance, Los Angeles, CA. (7MB)

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Image Info: Altar Book for Gorecki, 1996. Robin Price, Publisher
Wood boards hinged with vellum.
Courtesy UVM Special Collections, Bailey/Howe Library, UVM. (2.7MB)


Francisco Goya: Los Caprichos
DATE: Thursday, February 16; 5:30-7:30PM

$5 adults. $10 family, $3 students and seniors. Free to: Museum members; faculty, staff and students of UVM, Burlington College, Champlain College, Community College of Vermont, and St. Michael's College; Children 6 and under.