The Marble Court

Weaving the Patterns of the Land Preserving Inca Textile Traditions
September 11 - December 16, 2001
East Gallery

Photographs by David VanBuskirk, Professor Emeritus, UVM
Textiles by Inca Weavers Today

Ancient Civilizations of Peru and their Textile Treasures Susan Lee Bruce, Ph.D, consultant for Andean Textiles Peabody Museum, Harvard University Fleming Museum Auditorium Reception will follow in the Marble Court

On September 11 the Fleming Museum presents Weaving the Patterns of the Land: Preserving Inca Textile Traditions. Guest-curated by Elizabeth VanBuskirk (Charlotte, VT), the exhibition presents textiles by contemporary Inca weavers from three Peruvian weaving villages with distinctive textile traditions: Chinchero, Pitumarca, and Accha Alta. The weavings are accompanied by a series of color documentary photographs taken by David VanBuskirk (Charlotte, VT) in the three villages. The exhibition examines the cultural meanings embodied by the patterns, symbols, and structure of the textiles, as well as the weaving practices and techniques and their significance within each village Weaving the Patterns of the Land also highlights the work of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco. Founded in 1996 by Peruvian weaver Nilda Callañaupa and friends from the United States, this non-profit organization is dedicated to document ing and sustaining the heritage of Andean textiles. Its goal is to ensure that virtuoso weaving practices are not lost in the changes introduced to the remote Peruvian mountain villages by the industrial world. An ancient inca textile and weaving basket from the Museum’s permanent collection , will also be on view.

Public programs include an exhibition opening with a lecture by an expert on Inca weaving , three additional lectures by outstanding humanities scholars on the Incas, an educators’ workshop, video showings, gallery tours for school and community groups, and our 17th Annual Community Family Day.

Opening Lecture and Reception
Thursday, September 13, 2001 5:30 pm