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Note: my office is really room 201-E Waterman Building.

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EVE Online Celebrates Release of Newsletter Vol. 100!
With Fanfest 2014 swiftly approaching, we are happy to announce the release of the 100th EVE Newsletter. Including highlights and links for Dev Blogs from April including ship skins, Team Security, and The 49-U6U Slaughterhouse, along with a nostalgic look back at our first ever EVE Online Newsletter, this one is packed with information on Fanfest 2014 and what's coming in the summer. Check your email inboxes for further details, or check it out online here!
Complete EVE Fanfest 2014 Schedule Now Available
The newest Dev Blog, written by CCP Legion, details everything that attendees of Fanfest can see and do next week. Now in its tenth year, the massive, three-day fan celebration (May 1-3) in Reykjavik, Iceland will feature several unique events to go along with the amazing programming, round tables and sessions EVE fans have come to expect, including:
  • The official dedication of the World Within a World monument to EVE Online players in Reykjavik’s harbor the night before Fanfest begins. This event should prove to be a touching event and thank-you to those who made EVE’s first decade possible.  More information about the monument can be found here.
  • The EVE OF DESTRUCTION battle that pits 10 CCP developers and special guests against the undefeated MMA fighter and world-class Jiu-Jitsu specialist Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson in back to back submission wrestling.  More information about the match can be found here.
  • In this year’s “Make EVE Real” session, Les Johnson, physicist, author and NASA technologist, will give a presentation about how mankind can overcome the challenges of interstellar travel to someday visit and settle other habitable planets using technologies that don’t violate the known laws of physics. 
  • Announcements about the future of EVE Online, DUST 514 and EVE: Valkyrie, as well as hands-on demos of all three games, and more EVE universe news and special surprises.
  • The legendary Party at the Top of the World, featuring three stellar musical acts: Z-Trip (US), FM Belfast (Iceland) and Ásgeir (Iceland). Z-Trip, best known as a founder of the mash-up movement, returns triumphantly from last year’s crowd-thumping performance; local pop-electronica band FM Belfast kicks-off its European tour at the festival; and Ásgeir, having outpaced Sigur Ros and Bjork as the fastest-selling artist in Iceland’s history, is taking a short break from his world tour to perform at Fanfest 2014.
The full EVE Fanfest 2014 Schedule is also now available here. The entirety of EVE Fanfest will be livestreamed for free on CCP’s Twitch channel and available for purchase in HD. The high definition stream includes special in-game items and is detailed here. In addition, a special Pre-Fanfest Livestream will be held at 18:00 UTC on April 24th on CCP’s Twitch channel. The live show, hosted by EVE staff, will introduce EVE Online’s new Lead Game Designer, Pétur “CCP Scarpia” Þórarinsson and feature the Executive Producers of EVE: Valkyrie and DUST 514 and other developers talking shop about all things EVE universe. It’s a great lead-in to what is guaranteed to be the greatest fan event in gaming and we hope you can join us. More information about Fanfest The EVE Fanfest 2014 promotional trailer.
New Cruiser Skins - Week 3
The third in our weekly series of new cruiser skins is the Omen Kador Edition! This cosmetic variation of the Omen cruiser is available right now in the ingame store for your enjoyment. Last week’s new skin was the Caracal Nugoeihuvi Edition, and as we get closer to Fanfest 2014 the final skin will be released for the Thorax for your viewing pleasure! You can read more about ship skins on the EVE Online: Rubicon feature page here.  
Fanfest 2014 Pre-Stream - 18:00 UTC - April 24!
With Fanfest 2014 just over week away, it's now time for a pre-fanfest live stream to discuss what's up and coming at Fanfest this year. At 18:00 this Thursday, April 24, CCP Guard and CCP Mimic will be getting together with CCP Rise, CCP Seagull and a host of guests to discuss what's going on in the universe of EVE Online, DUST 514 and EVE Valkyrie. This stream will include a couple of pre-Fanfest announcements including an introduction to CCP Scarpia, the new Lead Game Designer for EVE Online, as well as introductions to the Executive Producers of EVE: Valkyrie and DUST 514. We will also have CCP Saberwing (Community Manager for DUST 514) and CCP Falcon (Community Manager for EVE Online) present to discuss a ton of topics including the Worlds Within a World monument,  EVE Source, player gatherings and a whole host of other EVE Universe stuff. There will also be a few giveaways over the course of the stream, so make sure you're active in Twitch chat during the broadcast if you want to be in with a chance to win some Limited Edition EVE goodies including a copy of EVE Source Limited Edition signed by the whole writing team! You can catch up with the latest news from New Eden, along with all the pre-Fanfest announcements and information on our Twitch channel here on Thursday April 24, at 18:00 UTC.
CCP Devs To Brawl With Icelandic MMA Fighter At Fanfest 2014!
Since it would appear that the cat is out of the bag on our secret project, CCP would like to announce that the EVE OF DESTRUCTION is coming to Fanfest 2014! For hundreds of years a selection of CCP Staff have been training for this event, which will pit them against famed mixed-martial arts (MMA) fighter Gunnar "Gunni" Nelson. They will face off against  him in the EVE OF DESTRUCTION event held on the Friday night of Fanfest 2014 at 20:00 UTC on May 2nd. A world class Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist, who is arguably the greatest champion to arise from Iceland's rich viking heritage in the last 1000 years, Gunni responded simply with the following emotionless stare of disbelief:
HEALTH WARNING: The surgeon general of CCP recommends you do not stare at this image for too long for fear of broken limbs and/or spontaneous combustion. During EVE OF DESTRUCTION, Gunni will face off against a team of hard-hitting, perfectly trained CCP Games staff and special guests, in a series of 10 back-to-back one-versus-one wrestling matches. The fights will take place at the Fanfest venue in an octagon on loan from Mjölnir MMA, his home training ground. You can read more about the fight in the press release here. For more information of Fanfest 2014, see the official Fanfest website here. If you think the battle of B-R5RB was a bloodbath, you haven't seen anything yet.
9th Council of Stellar Management Elections Close at Midnight
The elections for the 9th Council of Stellar Management (CSM9) are about to come to a close! Voting closes at midnight tonight, April 22nd, so make sure your voice is heard! Check out all the candidates here, and cast your ballot here. If you'd like more information on how the election works and why the CSM is so important, you can check out some of our Dev Blogs here. Remember to tell all your friends and assosciates to vote as well! A strong CSM is a strong player voice in EVE Online's future developement and time is running out!
Fanfest 2014 CCP Tour - Draw #6!
We are happy to annouce the sixth name that has been drawn from our pool of Fanfest ticket holders to be part of a group that will receive an exclusive tour of CCP Headquarters at Fanfest 2014! This week's winner is Braaken of Axton Industries [AXTON]. The tour will be given by CCP Guard and CCP Falcon, at 11:00UTC on the morning of April 30th, 2014, the day before Fanfest, and the day of the unveiling of the EVE Universe Monument. Those winners who come along for the tour will also be invited to eat lunch at CCP Headquarters, and may also be in for a few extra treats! The names drawn so far are shown below, and subesequent names will be drawn from the pool of ticket holders on the following list of dates: 
  • 14/03 - Luna Moses
  • 21/03 - Ashmedi
  • 28/03 - Artemis Septem
  • 04/04 - Lord Xander
  • 11/04 - Arik Redrum
  • 18/04 - Braaken
  • 25/04 - Winner #7
Don't miss out on your chance to be part of the event packed 10th EVE Online Fanfest. You can order your ticket today on the Fanfest 2014 website here!
New Cruiser Skins - Week 2
The second in our weekly series of new cruiser skins is the Caracal Nugoeihuvi Edition! This cosmetic variation of the Caracal cruiser is available right now in the ingame store for your enjoyment. Last week’s new skin was the Stabber Krusual Edition, and as we get closer to Fanfest 2014 further skins will be also released for the Omen and Thorax for your viewing pleasure! You can read more about ship skins on the EVE Online: Rubicon feature page here.
A Quick Video From CCP Karkur!
We're happy to announce that CCP karkur has taken a little time out of her busy schedule in the run up to Fanfest 2014 in order to make a video that will show you all some tips and tricks for utilizing EVE's UI! You can see her video on her YouTube channel, here!
Join The Caldari Navy Manhunt!
We're happy to announce that from April 13 to 19, capsuleers will have the opportunity to participate in the Caldari Navy Manhunt. If you've been following the recent game world news, you'll know that the remains of the Provists, the fanatic secret police of deposed Caldari dictator Tibus Heth, participated in an attack on the Caldari Navy and stole several capital ships, including a Wyvern. In response, the Caldari Navy has placed PLEX bounties on the leaders of the heist. Each day over the course of the week, players will have the opportunity to hunt down the Provists and kill them to claim parts of the bounties. The events will be held in both low-sec and high-sec systems in Caldari space. There will be multiple ways to claim the bounties, so even if you can only bring a frigate to the event, you'll still get a shot at earning a reward. Please see this thread for further details on how you can take part.

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