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Foundational Writing and Information Literacy

In May 2012 the Faculty Senate approved a resolution to require a class for first year students so that starting the entering first year class in Fall 2014 all undergraduates will complete a three-credit course addressing foundational writing and information literacy goals. First-year, first-time students will meet this requirement by successfully completing a College of Arts & Sciences Teacher/Advisor Program (TAP) seminar, HCOL085, or ENGS001.

All foundational Writing classes share the same student learning objectives:Student Learning Objectives

1. Rhetorical discernment: For varying writing purposes and audiences, develop texts with sufficient detail, astute organization, and appropriate documentation, diction, and style.

2. Critical reading: Read critically by engaging with ideas and texts, properly summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting others' ideas while effectively integrating them with and developing one's own ideas.

3. Substantive revision: Through persistent inquiry and informed by feedback from peers and/or the instructor, compose and revise so that texts and ideas grow in effectiveness and complexity.

4. Information literacy: Access and work effectively and ethically with print and digital sources, including learning to discern searchable key words within a complex research question; distinguish between primary and secondary and scholarly and popular resources; critically evaluate sources for relevance, currency, authority, and bias; and manage and appropriately document information sources.

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