University of Vermont

Faculty Senate

Educational & Research Technologies Committee

Chair-- Professor David Feurzeig

This committee shall have the responsibility of matters related to the development and implementation of educational and research technologies at the University that guide acquisition of information literacy by students and faculty.  It shall review and recommend policies and procedures relating to the planning, introduction, and use of campus-wide technologies, including computers, communications, electronic data handling, and instructional media.  The committee shall assume responsibility for informing the administration of educational and research priorities and needs related to information literacy and see that these are considered in all planning.  It shall maintain close liaison with the Curricular Affairs Committee, the Financial and Physical Planning Committee, the Student Affairs Committee, and the Research, Scholarship, and Graduate Education Committee.  Each of these committees shall appoint one of their elected members to serve as a voting member on the Educational and Research Technologies Committee.  The committee shall maintain close liaison with appropriate administrative offices in its areas of responsibility and with the Facilities and Technologies Committee of the Board of Trustees.


Educational & Research Technologies Committee 2015 Annual Report

Current Members:

Name: Department: Term:
Hung Do BSAD 2018
David Feurzeig, Chair CAS 2017
Mark Fung MED 2016
Sally Huber MED 2017
Randy Kelly CNHS 2018
Helen Read CEMS 2016
Marc Law CAS 2018
Donna O'Malley LIB 2016
Omar Oyarzabal EXT 2018
Regina Toolin CESS 2017
Mark Starrett CALS 2017
Lini Wollenberg RSENR 2016
Joanne Pencak FPPC 2016
Thomas Chittenden SAC 2016


The Educational & Research Technologies Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 8:30-10:00 a.m. in the Faculty Senate Conference Room, 327 Waterman

Educational & Research Technologies Meeting Schedules& Minutes:

2015-2016 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

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2013-2014 Minutes

2012-2013 Minutes

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2007-08 Minutes

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