University of Vermont

Faculty Senate

Student Affairs Committee

Co-Chairs - Professor Jennifer Prue & Thomas Chittenden

This committee shall have responsibility for matters relating to student affairs, their effect on the educational process, and the academic climate of the University.  This committee shall recommend policy with respect to honors programs, remedial programs, athletics, discipline, health service, placement, housing, student activities, etc.  It shall include among its duties in-depth and ongoing review of University admissions and financial aid policies, including their relation to projected enrollments.  This committee shall establish policy in matters related to general admissions standards and prerequisites, and shall review, recommend and participate in formulation of admissions procedures.  The committee shall establish a continuing liaison with student government groups and with all appropriate administrative and academic offices.


2014-15 UVM Student Affairs Committee Annual Report

Committee Members:

Name: Department: Term:
Kenneth Allen CNHS 2016
Zail Berry COM 2018
Thomas Chittenden, Co-Chair BSAD 2017
Heather Darby EXT 2016
Dan DeSanto LIB 2018
Jeffrey Hughes RSENR 2017
Don Loeb CAS 2017
William Louisos CEMS 2016
Kristen Pierce COM 2017
Stephen Pintauro CALS 2018
Jennifer Prue, Co-Chair CESS 2016
Scott Van Keuren CAS 2018


Student Affairs Meeting Schedules, Agendas & Minutes:

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