University of Vermont

Faculty Senate

Research, Scholarship, & The Creative Arts

Chair-- Professor Richard Galbraith

This committee shall have responsibility for matters relating to research activities, scholarly work and the creative arts carried out at the University.  The research purview includes graduate and undergraduate education.  It shall review, recommend, and participate in the formulation of policy with respect to resources related to RSCA including physical facilities, allocation of space, and library resources, as well as resources for graduate and undergraduate RSCA programs; it will make recommendations to assure effective use of these resources.  It shall serve as liaison between the Senate and the administration on such matters as, but not limited to:  the broad role of the University in advancing knowledge and communication through research, scholarship and the creative arts; external and internal support for encouraging research, scholarship and creative arts, including graduate and undergraduate participation; intellectual property and technology transfer; and ethical issues and issues affecting the academic environment as these arise in pursuit of research, scholarship or creative arts.  It shall consult frequently with other University and collegiate committees that are charged to initiate, maintain, and monitor institutional support programs for research, scholarship, and creative arts, as well as maintain close liaison with appropriate administrative offices in its areas of responsibility.


The History of RSGE

Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Appendix 5, Appendix 6

Current Members:

Name: Department: Term:
Chris Burns LIB 2014
Kevin Chiang BSAD 2016
Paul Deslandes CAS 2014
Cecilia Danks RSENR 2016
Richard Galbraith, CHAIR MED 2014
Juliet Halladay CESS 2015
Sharon Henry CNHS 2015
Daniel Hudson EXT 2015
George Osol MED 2016
George Pinder CEMS 2015
Alice Schermerhorn CAS 2016
Feng-Qi Zhao CALS 2014


Research, Scholarship & Graduate Education Meeting Schedules, Agendas & Minutes:

2013-14 Meeting Schedule

2012-13 Minutes

2011-12 Minutes & Agendas

2010-11 Minutes & Agendas

2009-10 Minutes & Agendas

2008-09 Minutes & Agendas

2007-08 Minutes & Agendas

2006-07 Minutes & Agendas

2005-06 Minutes & Agendas

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