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Financial & Physical Planning Committee

Chair - Professor Don Ross

This committee shall have responsibility for matters relating to planning and use of the institution's physical resources and for matters related to the formulation of the University budget with the exception of items subject to collective bargaining.  It shall assist in the formulation of the University budget so that the Bylaws reflect the instructional, intellectual, and service priorities of the institution.  The committee shall assume responsibility for informing the administration of educational priorities and needs and see that these are considered in all planning.  It shall seek advice from the various academic units relative to planning for physical facilities, environmental resources, and the allocation of space, and make recommendations to assure effective and responsible use of resources.  It shall maintain close liaison with all appropriate subcommittees of the Board of Trustees as well as all appropriate administrative offices and committees in its areas of responsibility.

Current Members:

Andrew Barnaby CAS 2016
Joanne Pencak
BSAD 2015
Doug Fletcher CEMS 2017
Laura Gewissler LIB 2016
Randall Headrick CAS 2015
Thomas Hudspeth RSENR 2015
Ted James MED 2016
Deborah Wachtel
CNHS 2017
Don Ross, CHAIR CALS 2016
Susan Ryan CESS 2017
Julie Smith EXT 2017
Jason Stumpff MED 2015


Summary Results of IBB Survey Sent to Deans

Responses of IBB Survey Sent to Deans

Budget Advisory Committee Report to President Sullivan Spring 2013

FPPC Report on Use of F&A Spring 2013

Financial & Physical Planning Meeting Schedules, Agendas & Minutes:

2014-15 Meeting Schedule & Minutes

2013-14 Minutes

2012-13 Minutes

2011-12 Minutes

2010-11 Minutes

2009-10 Minutes

2008-09 Minutes

2007-08 Minutes

2006-07 Minutes

2005-06 Minutes





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