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Faculty Ombudsperson

Our current Faculy Ombudsperson is Barbara Saylor Rodgers. (e): (p): 656-4607

2011-2012 Ombudsperson Annual Report

Appointment. The Grievance Committee will propose one or more names of candidates for Faculty Ombudsperson to the Executive Council by April 1, and the Executive Council will appoint an Obmudsperson by election before the end of the academic year.

Release time; resources. The ombudsperson will receive release time reasonably consistent with the nature and scope of assigned duties, for which his/her department will be reimbursed through the Office of the Provost. The Ombudsperson will have a private office, which may be within his/her Department, and the Faculty Senate will provide the secretarial assistance needed to carry out all required duties.

Duties. The Faculty Senate shall establish policies and procedures governing the role and responsibilities of the Faculty Ombudsperson consistent with governance parameters and the jurisdiction of the faculty grievance process. In general, Faculty Ombudsperson duties will include the following:

  • To assist faculty in determining the institutional channels most appropriate for the resolution of a complaint;
  • To assist faculty in seeking resolution of a complaint through normal institutional channels;
  • To facilitiate the informal resolution of complaints through mediation;
  • To advise faculty as to the information necessary to present a formal complaint to the Grievance Committee;
  • To work, in consultation with the grievant, to ensure an effective fact-finding process prior to a grievance hearing;
  • To assist the grievant throughout the grievance process to the final disposition of the Grievance Committee's recommendations;
  • To assist the Grievance Committee in investigating grievance;
  • To monitor the implementation of decisions resulting from Grievance Committee hearings and to report subsequent progress to the Grievance Committee;
  • To keep faculty informed of the Faculty Grievance Procedure by conducting regular and systematic informational programs for faculty; and
  • To develop and maintain a records system that memorializes all faculty inquiries to the Ombudsperson, all complaints and all grievances and their final disposition, and progress in the implementation of decisions reached.

To facilitate the resolution of complaints through the normal institutional process, the Faculty Ombudsperson shall have access to all appropriate administrative officials.

**Please see SECTION 5 of the Faculty Handbook for further information in regards to the Faculty Ombudsperson and the complaints filing process


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