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Export Controls
Export Controls
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Sharing, Transmitting, or Transferring Technology (Information)
or Software Code on the Commerce Control List (CCL)

or Software Code on the Commerce Control List (CCL)

          Question #11:

Are you sharing, transmitting or transferring
technology (information)* or software code**
on the Commerce Control List (CCL)?

YES       NO

   *    Export Administration Regulations (EAR) defines "technology" as:

Specific information necessary for the "development", "production", or "use" of equipment or software. Technology includes information subject to the EAR released in the form of technical assistance or technical data.

Technical assistance includes instruction, skills training, working knowledge, consulting services. Technical assistance may involve transfer of export controlled information.

Technical data includes blueprints, plans, diagrams, models, formulae, tables, engineering designs and specifications, manuals and instructions written or recorded on other media or devices such as disk, tape, read-only memories.

Information that is, or will be, placed in the public domain, such as that generated by fundamental research, "is not" subject to the EAR and "is exempt" from export control regulations.

    **    The EAR defines "software code" as:

a collection of one or more programs or microprograms fixed in any tangible medium of expression. Software code is comprised of source code or object code:

Source Code: A convenient expression of one or more processes that may be turned by a programming system into equipment executable form ("object code" or object language).

Object Code: An equipment-executable form of a convenient expression of one or more processes ("source code" or source language) that has been converted by a programming system.

If you have questions as to whether your information or software code is listed on the Commerce Control List, please contact Victoria Jones, Research Integrity Compliance Officer or Brian Prindle,  Executive Director,  and provide them with your preliminary assessment.

This material is adapted from the basic design and content of Stanford University's Decision Tree. We appreciate Stanford in granting us permission to use its content for the benefit of the University of Vermont.

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