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Laboratory (HCOC) Inventory

The UVM Laboratory Inventory provides information about laboratory hazards to emergency responders, including the Burlington Fire Department, UVM Rescue and UVM Police Services, in the event of a laboratory emergency. All of these agencies are required to assess the potential for a hazardous material emergency when approaching a scene. The information provided through this inventory is a key component of this assessment. To this end, this inventory collects information about:

  • where laboratory hazards are located, including biological, radiation and chemical hazards;
  • who is working in UVM laboratories;
  • the average amount of hazardous chemicals that are stored in UVM laboratories; and
  • other information about specific rooms that emergency responders should be aware of.

This inventory is accomplished with an online laboratory inventory form, which is completed by either the Laboratory Supervisor or Laboratory Safety Officer. Please keep a printed copy of this information in your Laboratory Safety Notebook for reference in non-emergency situations. There are three steps involved in completing the inventory:

  1. Tell us which laboratory group and rooms you're providing information for and any special information about your work that emergency responders should be aware of;
  2. Identify who works there; and
  3. Give us ranges of which hazardous chemicals of concern are stored in this laboratory on a routine basis.

To collect this information most efficiently, we recommend that you visit this copy of the chemical inventory page, print it out, and gather the chemical data on paper before starting the online inventory data entry. The information in this inventory can be updated at any time by the laboratory supervisor or laboratory safety officer. We will remind you to update it on a quarterly basis. Ready? To start, log into the laboratory inventory system by going to:

When you click on this link, a pop up box will ask for your UVM NetID and password. (These are the same as those you use to log into PeopleSoft). Note: If someone else has already used this form on your computer, you may already be logged into the system. Quit your browser and restart it to avoid this problem.

If you have any questions about this process, contact Risk Management & Safety at

Thanks for your interest in SAFETY!

Last Updated: August 13, 2008