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Comment on “Pyrite dissolution in acidic media” by M. Descostes, P. Vitorge, and C. Beaucaire

TitleComment on “Pyrite dissolution in acidic media” by M. Descostes, P. Vitorge, and C. Beaucaire
Publication TypeJournal Article
JournalGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Publication Year2006
Publication Date10/2006
Pagination5246 - 5250
AuthorsDruschel, G, Borda, M
AbstractIn a recent paper, Descostes et al. (2004) present data on a series of pyrite oxidation batch experiments conducted near pH 2 and 3 where they demonstrate very well the non-stoichiometric dissolution/oxidation of pyrite in acidic solutions through an extensive laboratory investigation of S/Fe ratios. The authors utilized this data to propose a ‘mechanism’ of pyrite oxidation based on these data. They conclude that measured sulfur deficiencies are due to a set of reactions involving thiosulfate ðS2O3 2 Þ and tetrathionate ðS4O6 2 Þ as the primary argument for presenting a specific pathway controlling pyrite oxidation. Using data taken from current literature, we challenge these assumptions regarding thiosulfate and tetrathionate reactivity and redefine these results in the context of a more complex, and more consistent, representation of pyrite oxidation pathways
Short TitleGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
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