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NECC Outreach: The Watershed Project

  • What are the goals of the Watershed Project?
    • Engage and train the next generation of scientists.

    • Gather water quality data on streams in the Northeast
      (NECC Watershed Project).

  • Who participates in the Watershed Project?
    • Participants come from the five NECC states (Vermont, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island) as well as New York, Connecticut, and Puerto Rico.

      • Undergraduates

      • High school students

      • High school teachers

      • Graduate student researchers (as mentors)

      • Faculty researchers (as mentors)

  • What do participants do?
    • Learn how to conduct hands-on research on streams at a one-week training session.

    • Collect water quality, macroinvertebrate, and land use data.

    • Work with real data and researchers

    • Present their own research at an annual symposium.