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A demonstration project in 2008 used genomics data collected in Maine, stored in Delaware and annotated in Vermont to explore the efficacy of a regional datacenter model. We will use the NEBC to facilitate another pilot project that will provide the metagenomes from "NextGen" sequencing of microbial populations in water samples from three stages of cyanobacterial blooms in five lakes in the NE states. The NEBC will work remotely on the resulting large data sets to determine the metagenomes of microbe communities in the blooms. The purposes of this venture, in addition to collecting pilot data for future funding, are to develop the collaborative activities of the NEBC, and, at the new Data Centers, promote the development of protocols for the movement, life cycle management, storage and recovery of data that are simultaneously viewed/analyzed/worked on by multiple users across the region. We will encourage further cyber-enabled research on the pollution in the fresh and marine waters of NE through pilot awards.
Northeast Cyberinfrastructure Consortium Funded by NSF: $14M in ARRA Funding for Region.